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Space by Mind Map: Space

1. living in space

1.1. Eating

1.1.1. now food can be packed in plastic bags low moisture freeze dried precooked

1.1.2. you are not allowed to bring water on board the ship this is because when you bring water into space, it could damage the controls or something. Also the ship generates there own water with cemicals that water is also use to create showers

1.1.3. food comes in tubes in the old days

1.2. Sleeping

1.2.1. beds are attached to the walls to prevent bumping into objects

1.3. Exersise

1.3.1. must exercise 2 hours a earth day

1.4. Personal Hygiene

1.4.1. washroom straps themselves in and has a suction happen

1.4.2. combing same as on earth

1.4.3. showering

2. Earths rotation

2.1. 24 hours

2.1.1. 1 earth day

2.2. there are 4 seasons, winter,summer,spring and fall. The seasons are made because the earth tilts on its axis this causes different parts of the earth to get different amounts of sunlight(direct sunlight and indirect sunlight)

3. meotride

4. meteor

5. top is when a meteor had hit earth

6. cycle of a star

6.1. yellow star

6.1.1. young star like a child

6.2. red giant

6.2.1. old star like your parents

6.3. supernova

6.3.1. exploding star

6.4. white dwarf

6.4.1. dead star

6.5. blackhole

6.5.1. not a true star,is formed when a star explodes and enough dark matter is collected in the center. When this happens, it makes a impossible suction to escape.(not even light could escape this

7. astronaut program established in 1983

8. the sun

8.1. romans called the sun sol, which in English means sun

8.2. the sun is made of gas that was compressed.

8.3. the sun can shoot out burst of energy,. when this energy hits earth, it may repel or cause a blackout

9. Universe

9.1. galaxy

9.1.1. solar system planets outer planets inner planets dwarf planets I star

9.1.2. millions of stars

9.2. billions of stars

9.3. stars

9.3.1. consellations Big dipper seven stars Great bear no bright stars Orion hunter

10. Earths orbit

10.1. tilts on its axis

10.1.1. 23.5 degrees

10.2. can orbit the sun in 365 days

10.3. every day there will a different amountr of time before you may see the moon

10.4. there are 2 eclipses, a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse. you are allowed to look at a lunar eclipse but not a solar eclipse,looking at 1 may cause permanent eye damage

11. Space explorers

11.1. first man to walk the moon: Neil Armstrong

12. comets

12.1. a small flying star made of gas ice and chemicals, an example is Halley's comet and

13. can you name your own comet?

13.1. yes but only if it is a new comet that has not been seen before

14. astronaughts

14.1. astronaughts are people that have decided to spend there live studying space and going to the moon and living in space and also trying new technology in space

14.2. when going into space astronaughts must where an LES (launch entery suit). While when you are walking in space you must where a EMU ( extravehicular mobility unit)

14.3. being an astronaut is not easy, you must exercise 2 hours a day eat food fast have beds starped along the walls ect.