Importance of Diversity

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Importance of Diversity by Mind Map: Importance of Diversity

1. Personally

1.1. Becomes more open minded.

1.2. Helps form your own opinions rather than what's already given.

1.3. Become more candid and respectful with everyone.

1.4. Be more knowledgeable in different cultures and be able to see things in different perspectives.

2. In Journalism

2.1. Understand all aspects of your job fully.

2.2. Enjoy your work because you respect the different people you meet.

2.3. People would enjoy you, because you voice out everyone's opinion and respect them.

2.4. The released news to the public will be filled with non-biased information as everything is given attention without having more than the other.

3. Both

3.1. A more civilized nation.

3.2. There will be more acceptance towards different people.

3.3. Everyone can learn about diverse cultures and use them as their own, as they learn to respect and appreciate the differences in opinions and lifestyles.