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Sociology by Mind Map: Sociology

1. options after undergraduate studies

1.1. graduate school

1.1.1. Social Work

1.1.2. Researcher Professor Sociological Author

1.1.3. Criminal Justice Systems worker Police officer higher ranking with graduate degree higher pay faster movement through ranks Criminologist Federal Agent

1.2. direct entry into the field

1.2.1. police officer less pay with less experience/no graduate degree slower movement through ranks less likely to become captain/detective

2. research

2.1. social stratification

2.1.1. income inequality amongst races/ethnicities men and women

2.1.2. racial disparity in prisons in job placement in the social hierarchy

2.1.3. race and ethnic relations

2.1.4. women and society job place inequality amongst sexes pay rates "glass ceiling"

2.1.5. culture intersection race, class, gender

2.2. law and legal justice issues

2.2.1. crime statistics women juveniles minorities marginalized people LGBT Disabled people men

2.2.2. policy in regards to Races men and women LGBT

2.3. Environmental

2.3.1. people and the environment effects landscapes (physically) accessibility to resources urbanization gentrification abandonment