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Database Models by Mind Map: Database Models
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Database Models

still evolving as the best elements are blended and optimized to meet the needs of today's complex database applications.

Flat File

A single file that is the electronic version of a boc of index cards, in which all records use the same record format.

each row of table is a record

collection of data fields

each column of table is a field

smallest unit of meaningful information

can search for, update, group, and organize records

Hierarchical Database

A database model in which record types are arranged as a hierarchy, or tree, of child nodes that can have only one parent node.

offer lightning quick searches

utilize minimum amount of disk space for storage

Network Database

A collection of physically linked records in a one-to-many relationship in which a member (child) can have more than one owner (parent).

Relational Database

A database structure that incorporates the use of tables that can establish relationships with other, similar tables.

collection of related tables

sequence of records

specified by joining common data stored in the fields of records in different tables

tables are essentially independent, but the tables can be joined for a particular task as required

flexible database model

Dimensional Database

A database often created for data analysis that has a more complex structure than a simple two-dimensional table.

fields are contained within cells that can be accessed directly from a query or from following a relationship

tables are stacked in addition to being linked side by side

easy to maintain and efficient to use because data is stored the same way it is viewed

Object Database

A database model that organizes data into classes of objects that can be manipulated by programmer-defined methods; also referred to as object-oriented database.

class defines a group of objects by specifying the attributed and methods these objects share

method is any behavior that an object is capable of performing

represent objects that have slightly different attributes

Object-rational Database

A database that uses object-oriented and relational concepts.

an attempt to add object-orientedness to tables

have flexibility to store unique types of data and program code necessary to access that data