Database Models

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Database Models by Mind Map: Database Models

1. Flat File

1.1. each row of table is a record

1.2. each column of table is a field

1.3. can search for, update, group, and organize records

2. Hierarchical Database

2.1. offer lightning quick searches

2.2. utilize minimum amount of disk space for storage

3. Network Database

4. Relational Database

4.1. collection of related tables

4.2. specified by joining common data stored in the fields of records in different tables

4.3. tables are essentially independent, but the tables can be joined for a particular task as required

4.4. flexible database model

5. Dimensional Database

5.1. fields are contained within cells that can be accessed directly from a query or from following a relationship

5.2. tables are stacked in addition to being linked side by side

5.3. easy to maintain and efficient to use because data is stored the same way it is viewed

6. Object Database

6.1. class defines a group of objects by specifying the attributed and methods these objects share

6.2. represent objects that have slightly different attributes

7. Object-rational Database

7.1. an attempt to add object-orientedness to tables

7.2. have flexibility to store unique types of data and program code necessary to access that data