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PTT Training by Mind Map: PTT Training
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PTT Training

To Be Scripted


Corr Audit, Don

Corr Audit Support, Daryl

Corr Collateral, Tyler

Corr Underwriting, Crystal

Retail Underwriting, Kyle

Sell Tool, Jessie

Wholesale Setup, Karras

Corp Collateral, Ryan

Wholesale UW, General Tab, Alan, Type/Terms, Tyler, Borrower, Tyler, Employment, Income, Assets, Liabilitites, Appraisal, Conditions, Jary


Qdocs, Robert

AUS Portal, Jeff F

Lock Pages, Extranet Lock Pages, Michael A, Qlock, Sridevi, Retail Lock Pages





Javascript to Type Today's Date in a Text Field in Selenium

javascript{var dates = new Date();var day = dates.getDate();if (day < 10){day = '0' + day;} month = dates.getMonth() + 1;if (month < 10){month = '0' + month;}var year = dates.getFullYear();month + '/' + day + '/' + year}

Steps Necessary to Data Drive (CSV) Script in TestMaker

Bug: Save Scenario File by Pasting into Text Editor then Reload in TestMaker

Bug: Edit XML in Scenario File to read index=0 instead of index=1 : "<argument dpl="rsc" index="0" name="file" value="getDataByIndex"/>"

Bug: Edit XML in Scenario File near the bottom of the file to contain rc="false": <selenium throwExceptionOnScriptError="false" loglevel="INFO" rc="false" command=" " throwExceptionOnFailingStatusCode="true"/>

May be changed back to rc="true" if reopened in the Editor.