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Socio-Cultural-Impact by Mind Map: Socio-Cultural-Impact

1. Preservation of culture and local customs

1.1. Preservation of culture is the protection of the wway people live, including their economic activities, traditional beliefs and religious practices.

1.2. Examples: Angkor wat complex in Siem reap, historical christ church in malacca

2. dilution of culture and local customs

2.1. Identidy, culture and values of a place can be lost when tourism becomes the major activity of an area

2.2. Examples: local street vendors selling souvenirs atnthe swayambhunath Templs in Kathmandu, Nepal

2.2.1. Dancers may even deliberately pose for torists to take picutes, rituals may be shortened to fit into the itenerary of the tourists

3. INcreased Crime

3.1. Pickpockets targetting tourists wearing expensive clothings like watches etc.

3.2. Tourists are also prone to geetting cheated or scammed.

3.3. exapmle : London,UK. Japanese tourists getting cheated