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Teaching Maths with Technology for International Students in Brazil by Mind Map: Teaching Maths with Technology
for International Students in
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Teaching Maths with Technology for International Students in Brazil

Printable Worksheets and Graphic Organizers

Downloadable Graphic Organizers for Calculus

including Functions, Area, and Volume.

(Pre-)Calculus PowerPoint Presentations

Free Pre-Calculus worksheets, PowerPoint Presentations, Handouts, activities, etc

From (you can also choose to purchase some non-free materials)

Downloadable and printable graphic organizers for Algebra

Class Presentation Resources

Glogs: Glogs

Glogs: Glogs on Statistics

Glogs: Glogs on Algebra

Pre-Calculus Glogster Presentations

Calculus Glogster Presentations

Prezi Presentation

Class Practice on Topic of Broadcast host @ Prezi

Algebra content review @ Prezi

More algebra presentations @ Prezi

Intro to Probability

Numbers/Probability and Statistics

More Prezi presentations and class practice on probability and statistics

SmartBoard Exchange Lesson Plans and Activities

SMARTBoard Exchange Statistics classroom activities

SmartBoard Exchange for Pre-Calculus

SmartBoard Exchange for Calculus

SmartBoard Exchange Lesson Plans and Activities for Algebra

SMARTBoard Exchange Probability classroom activities


Infographics on Statistics @


Online Resources

PBS Teachers Resources

PBS Interactive activities - Numbers and Opterations

PBS Interactive activities - Functions -Algebra

PBS Interactive activities for Statistics and Probability

PBS Teachers Resources


Texas Instruments Classroom resources

Texas Instruments resources for Calculus

TI Math Nspired for Precalculus

Texas Instruments resources for precalculus

PreCalculus Resources -LiveBinder

Shodor interactive activities for calculus

Pre-calculus problems and solutions - from University of California, Davis

Mathbits Teacher Resources for PreCalculus

Dynamic Pre-Calculus explorations

Online Animated/Interactive Pre-Calculus lessons

Pre-Calculus Notes and Activities

Pre-Calculus Questions and Answers

Online Visualization Tools

Geogebra free resources for calculus

Desmos Online Calculator

Wolfram Educational Portal Calculus courses

Wolfram Educational Portal Pre-Calculus courses

Lesson Plans

NCTM Calculus lesson plans

Inquiry-Based Lessons in Pre-Calculus

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - Data Analysis & Probability

Texas Instruments Classroom resources for Statistics

Teaching Resources for Probability and Statistics

High School Statistics Curriculum - Math is Fun

The Chance Project

International Statistical Literacy Project (ISLP)

Journal of Statistics Education Information Service

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - Algebra

Texas Instruments Classroom resources

Algebra 1

Algebra 2

Algebra Help


Algebra 1 Online!

Online Visualization Tools

Desmos for Algebra

Online Communities

Edweb Algebra II


Edmodo math group

Edweb Algebra of Finance

Video Tutorials

Khanacademy probability and statistics

Khanacademy Algebra

Khanacademy Calculus

Just Math Calculus Video tutorials

Click on "Calculus" on the left for calculus video tutorials

Youtube videos on Pre-Calculus

Youtube videos on Calculus


Teaching Statistics Pinterest Board Collection

Pins on class materials of Algebra

A collection of Pre-calculus Pinterest Boards

A Pre-Calculus Facebook page by DeForest Area High School Mathematics Department


Algebra Tutor - Android

Statistics Visualizer

Wolfram Pre-calculus Course Assistant- iPhone/iPad

PreCalculus Pro - iPhone/iPad

Pre - Calculus & Calculus by WAGmob - iPhone/iPad

Learn Algebra - Android

Algebra Touch - iPhone/iPad

Algebra by - iPhone/iPad

DragonBox - iPhone/iPad

Data Sets

IBGE - data


Various types of data

World Statistics real time

Textbook Resources

YourTeacher iBooks Textbook for iPad (Aligned with Common Core)


Algebra 1

Intermediate Algebra