The Difference Between Input and Output Computer Devices

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The Difference Between Input and Output Computer Devices by Mind Map: The Difference Between Input and Output Computer Devices

1. Data could be lost if disk is damage by heat or copy over. Disks drives can be very costly because of the amount of data needed to be store on the disk.

2. Disk Drives are an external dives that can store more information and put the information onto a computer to see or read.

3. Speakers come in different sizes and the cost depends on the quality of the sound or how many watts the speaker has to bring the sound out. Speakers are only good to use for students in the classroom if they do not have a hearing problem.

4. Speakers allow students who are visual challenge to hear what they can not see on a computer screen.

5. Speakers allow the computer to send sounds like music and movies voices.

6. Examples of output devices speakers and disk drives .

7. Uses things to get information out of the computer

8. Monitors are only used by students who do not have a visual disability.

9. Monitors display images on a screen to visual see what is on the computer. Monitors range in prices from $200.00 to $900.00 per unit.

10. Hand-held scanners can be easy to use but the better the quality, the more cost for higher end scanners.

11. Image scanners are hand-held scanners like digital cameras and monitor that let the person see what they are working on

12. Input is the things that put information into a computer.

13. Monitor and Image Scanners are examples of input devices.