stakeholder satisfaction

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stakeholder satisfaction by Mind Map: stakeholder satisfaction

1. satisfaction influence factors:

1.1. product

1.1.1. existing product usability problems

1.1.2. new feature/project requirements importance for department expectations

1.2. information & communication

1.2.1. planning

1.2.2. delays

1.2.3. changes

1.2.4. mails / pidgin clearness friendlyness

1.2.5. meetings structured organized

1.2.6. knowledge update

1.3. support

1.3.1. quick enough?

1.3.2. solutions

1.3.3. competence

2. Who?

2.1. users

2.1.1. quality usability Aufgabenangemessenheit bedienbarkeit bugs performance

2.1.2. support bugprocessing technical documentation updates on releases release planning

2.2. customer

2.2.1. project managemeent planning estimates plan vs. actual milestone definition priority setting communication meetings socialc./mail updates stakeholder updates technical documentation

2.2.2. product development feedback collection idea generation feature implementation

2.2.3. expectation goal of the project key milestones mission of the project when is the project considered to be done

2.3. developers

2.3.1. planning / coordination workload release process changes

2.3.2. specifications mockups user stories bug reports

2.3.3. communication response time response quality quantity of questions project overview did you feel informed purpose of project undertsand priorities

2.3.4. development skills technical skills personal skills

3. How?

3.1. Online questionnaire

3.1.1. paid tools surveymonkey

3.1.2. free tools knowledge Limesurvey google / monique

3.2. personal interview

3.3. method

3.3.1. Scoring model

4. When?

4.1. general feedback

4.1.1. any time but regularly

4.2. projectrelated

4.2.1. before project

4.2.2. after project

4.2.3. during project

5. To do

5.1. preparation

5.1.1. select tool

5.1.2. prepare questions select factors identify importance of factors

5.2. project specific set up