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Theatre of the Oppressed_byJmccants by Mind Map: Theatre of the Oppressed_byJmccants
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Theatre of the Oppressed_byJmccants

Emancipatory Research

"Instrumentalization of knowledge" - Gordon


movements for justice, freedom

everyday praxis/application

transforms power relations


As Research +

El Teatro Lucha de Salud del Barrio

Link to Article:

Violence against Youth

Embodied Knowledge

inability/desire to verbally describe

experiences in our bodies

drawn out through (inter)action

trauma's impact on verbal communication

Related Methods

arts-based focus group

experim. ethnography

simult./deep interviewing


Forum Theatre





Metaxis "Warren Linds"

Hegemony/Ideology - Gramsci, Althusser

New node

My application

LAYC workshop

BAC in New Orleans, JJPL

V2P in D.C.

V2P volunteer training/mtg