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Theatre of the Oppressed_byJmccants by Mind Map: Theatre of the Oppressed_byJmccants
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Theatre of the Oppressed_byJmccants

Emancipatory Research

"Instrumentalization of knowledge" - Gordon


movements for justice, freedom

everyday praxis/application

transforms power relations

research process

specific community context

society at large


As Research +

El Teatro Lucha de Salud del Barrio

Link to Article:

Dialogue, Madres a Madres, Houston TX, lead exposure, empowerment, community-building, John Sullivan, TO pract., apply TO to science, "Speculative Discourse", John Sullivan, Natl Inst of Envir Health Sciences, community outreach, translational, inclusive, interactive, jargon-free, connected to real-life, anti-environmental racism org., neighborhood residents

Community-Based Particip. Research, community ideas & attitudes, community knowledge, asthma triggers, lead poisoning and prevention, candies, suggestions for action, scientific knowledge, grounded theory/ collective analysis, action proposals/spect-actor interventions, policies, everyday actions, communication tools

Outreach/ Cmmty Education, acting troupe of residents, ages 12-67, trained in TO, envir. health education, power dynamics re: health, safety, policy, leadership development, envir. scientists

Intervention, Forum Theatre to practice, public health policy, coalition-building, home inspections

Violence against Youth

experiences, images of power, violence, oppression, stories, e.g. of workshop in New Orleans, inability/desire to verbally describe

visioning, solutions, harm reduction (scenarios), everyday actions (forum theatre), policies, programs (legisl. theatre), vision (image theatre/ real to ideal)

collective analysis

political education, popular education, arts, youth leadership, training, play

community-building, dialogue, play, action sociometry

Embodied Knowledge

inability/desire to verbally describe

experiences in our bodies

drawn out through (inter)action

trauma's impact on verbal communication

Related Methods

arts-based focus group


particip. knowledge, //gwaltney's folk seminars


experim. ethnography


process of interaction

learning through doing

co-researchers, analysts, facilitators

simult./deep interviewing

responses to questions

what if scenarios




Forum Theatre

Spect-actors//Partipant observers


policy analysis

policy development



visual device


internalized oppression

relationship to institutions


Metaxis "Warren Linds"

Hegemony/Ideology - Gramsci, Althusser

New node

My application

LAYC workshop

analyze internaliz, instit and interp. oppression

BAC in New Orleans, JJPL

adj. youth exps. w/police

V2P in D.C.

adj. youth: what is, what was, will be

V2P volunteer training/mtg

community intervention