Cause and Effect By Ruth Velez

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Cause and Effect By Ruth Velez by Mind Map: Cause and Effect By Ruth Velez

1. Diversity (segregation and integration) Cause is that they choose to have different cultures so that they can learn from one another. Effect is that they lack to do this and when faced with a different culture they will not know what to do.

2. Pygmalion Effect The psychological construct whereby the effect of teachers' expectations on student academic outcomes (good or bad) predicts how well they will achieve. The cause is this that we want them to be able to achieve the best of their abilities. The effect is that we expect to much and when it doesn't pan out we get upset with the outcome

3. Hidden Curriculum An indirect and unofficial way that students learn the norms, values, and expectations of the school; sometimes these directly conflict with the school's official rules and values. Cause is that we teach them a certain way to help them and the Effect is that the students take that work effort and use it to help them in other classes.

4. Ecological Environment The impact of the physical and social environment on development and learning; matching developmental progression with the appropriate environment. Cause is that the environment is what has an affect on them and their learning. The effect is that they choose to be in that environment or to change their overall outcome.

5. Sleeper Effect The decline of the positive impact of the Head Start program after second grade. Cause is that the students don't get the proper help they need. The effect is because of that lack they don't get where they want to be.

6. Impact of Legislation

7. Cultural Deficit Approaches to teaching diverse student populations that require them to learn middle-class values, knowledge, and behaviors and to reject their own values and behaviors. The core knowledge curriculum of E. D. Hirsch and Payne's Framework for Understanding Poverty are examples. Cause is that we change everything that they know and learned. Effect is that they choose to add to what they already know to better improve themselves.

8. Achievement Gap The gap between the academic achievement of White and Asian students and Black, Hispanic, and Native American students. Cause is that all of the races can attempt to achieve in all they do. Effect is that they manage to do what is necessary to get to where they need to and want.

9. Heterogeneous Groups

10. Parent Involvement (lack Of) Cause is that the parents tend to not want to be involved unless its a school activity. Effect is that the students needs their parents and they fail because of the lack of the help from parental figure

11. Community Involvement (lack of) Cause is that the community does not provide the right programs to help the students to better themselves. Effect is that because of lack of the programs students need to work harder to do it.