PGDE Programmes

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PGDE Programmes by Mind Map: PGDE Programmes

1. PP4.5: Team Spirit and mutual respect (Respect dignity of others including the disadvantaged)

2. K9: Use Information Communication Technology to do my work and teaching different subjects

3. K4: Understanding needs of Special Needs Students and more aware of the ways to help them.

4. V1.3

5. K8

6. Knowledge

6.1. K1: Knowledge that there are poverty in Singapore

6.2. K2

6.3. K3

6.4. K4

6.5. K9

6.6. K10

7. Educational Studies (ES) QED506- Managing Learners , QED507 - ICT for Meaningful Learning, QFL ePortfolio, QED504 - The Social Context of Teaching and Learning, QED508 - Educational Psychology

7.1. Knowledge

7.1.1. K1

7.1.2. K2

7.1.3. K3

7.1.4. K4

7.1.5. K5

7.1.6. K6

7.1.7. K7

7.1.8. K8

7.2. Skills

7.2.1. S1

7.2.2. S2

7.2.3. S3

7.2.4. S4

7.2.5. S5

7.2.6. S6

7.2.7. S7

7.2.8. S8

7.2.9. S10

7.3. Service to the Profession and Community

7.3.1. V3.1

7.3.2. V3.3

7.4. Teacher Identity

7.4.1. V2.1

7.4.2. V2.2

7.4.3. V2.3

7.4.4. V2.4

7.4.5. V2.6

7.4.6. V2.7

7.5. Learner-Centred Values

7.5.1. V1.1

7.5.2. V1.2

7.5.3. V1.3

7.5.4. V1.4

7.6. Leadership and Management

7.6.1. LM1.1

7.6.2. LM1.2

7.6.3. LM2.1

7.6.4. LM2.2

7.7. Professional Practice

7.7.1. PP1

7.7.2. PP2

7.7.3. PP4.1

7.7.4. PP4.2

7.7.5. PP4.3

7.7.6. PP4.4

7.7.7. PP4.5

7.7.8. PP4.6

7.8. Personal Effectiveness

7.8.1. Time management as I juggled all the assignments

7.8.2. PE1.2

7.8.3. PE1.3

7.8.4. PE1.4

8. Education Studies (ES) QED506- Managing Learners , QED507 - ICT for Meaningful Learning, QFL ePortfolio, QED504 - The Social Context of Teaching and Learning, QED508 - Educational Psychology

8.1. Knowledge

8.1.1. QED507 - To use ICT effectively- Goggle documents, Padlets, Popplets, Software creation, select useful videos to trigger learning

8.1.2. QED507 - Learn by Doing , Self Directed Learning, Collaborative Learning and Real World Context

8.1.3. K3: QED506 - Understand the Gifted Children

8.1.4. K5:

8.1.5. K6:

8.1.6. K7:

8.1.7. K8: QED507 - Use Information Communication Technology wisely to teach different subjects for different types of learners

8.1.8. K10: Sensitive to needs of students and using practical means to nurture them-QED506

8.2. Skills

8.2.1. QED508-Self awareness

8.2.2. S2: Time Management

8.2.3. S3:

8.2.4. S4: More awareness on how to handle Special Needs children - QED506

8.2.5. S5:

8.2.6. S6:

8.2.7. S7:

8.2.8. S8:

8.2.9. S9:

8.2.10. S10

8.3. Service to the Profession and Community

8.3.1. The GESL Project to raise awareness about poverty rate in Singapore is a good learning experience to me. On top of this, I learn to help those children with learning disabilities. QED506

8.3.2. V3.2

8.3.3. V3.3

8.3.4. V3.4

8.4. Teacher Identity

8.4.1. V2.1 - QED506 &QED508 - The Gain Identity as I write my Personal Philosophy as teacher.

8.4.2. V2.2:

8.4.3. V2.3: QED508- I must be a good role model by constantly reflecting on myself and be a better person.

8.4.4. V2.4:

8.4.5. V2.5: approachable.

8.4.6. V2.6: Treat every situation as learning opportunity

8.4.7. V2.7: Look at students' problems from many perspectives and different angles.

8.4.8. V2.8

8.5. Learner-Centred Values

8.5.1. V1.1

8.5.2. V1.2:

8.5.3. V1.4: In General - No matter how great the teaching pedagogies are, I must see from students' point of views. Build in them the right ethics and attitudes.

8.6. Leadership and Management

8.6.1. LM1.1: In General as we do Group Work- I learn to propose new ideas and listen to other people. This is especially when I was doing the Problem Based learning Project. QED508

8.6.2. LM1.2: QED508- Take Initiatives

8.6.3. LM2.1: QED506 - To be Leader means to be a servant/slave.

8.6.4. LM2.2

8.7. Professional Practice

8.7.1. PP1: Objectives

8.7.2. PP2: QED507- Find Various ways to teach through use of resources on internet.

8.7.3. PP3: QFL501: Emulate Effective Teachers

8.7.4. PP4.1 -

8.7.5. PP4.2: Work with People like counsellors to solve students' emotional problems -QED08

8.7.6. PP4.3 - Use Problem Based Learning in English, Science and Maths

8.7.7. PP4.4 QED508- I am instrumental to mould students. I learn to be objective and non-judgemental .

8.7.8. PP4.5

8.7.9. PP4.6

8.8. Personal Effectiveness

8.8.1. PE1.1: Self Management and Self Awareness

8.8.2. PE1.2: QED507 - Very inspiring video for the soul. I hope to coach my students to perform spontaneously and creatively in this manner even though I may not teach Music. As a teacher, I must be patient and wise to choose effective video for tuning in my lesson and make my children feel relaxed.

8.8.3. PE1.3 - QED507 - My tutor, Mr Darren Nonis is a super teacher. I gradually overcome the fear of using ICT for my learning and teaching,

8.8.4. PE1.4

9. Practicum

9.1. Knowledge

9.1.1. K1

9.1.2. K2

9.1.3. K3

9.1.4. K4

9.1.5. K5

9.1.6. K6

9.1.7. K7

9.1.8. K8

9.2. Skills

9.2.1. S1

9.2.2. S2

9.2.3. S3

9.2.4. S4

9.2.5. S6

9.2.6. S7

9.2.7. S8

9.2.8. S10

9.3. Service to the Profession and Community

9.3.1. V3.1

9.3.2. V3.3

9.4. Teacher Identity

9.4.1. V2.1

9.4.2. V2.2

9.4.3. V2.3

9.4.4. V2.4

9.4.5. V2.5

9.4.6. V2.6

9.4.7. V2.7

9.4.8. V2.8

9.5. Learner-Centred Values

9.5.1. V1.1

9.5.2. V1.2

9.5.3. V1.3

9.5.4. V1.4

9.6. Leadership and Management

9.6.1. LM1.1

9.6.2. LM2.2

9.7. Professional Practice

9.7.1. PP1

9.7.2. PP2

9.7.3. PP3

9.7.4. PP4.1

9.7.5. PP4.2

9.7.6. PP4.3

9.7.7. PP4.4

9.7.8. PP4.5

9.7.9. PP4.6

9.8. Personal Effectiveness

9.8.1. PE1.1

9.8.2. PE1.2

9.8.3. PE1.3

9.8.4. PE1.4

10. GESL and the Meranti Project

10.1. Skills

10.1.1. S1: People Management and Mingling with different people

10.1.2. S2: Preparing Food in Big Quantities

10.1.3. S4: Observation - See what needs to be done and just help out

10.1.4. S5: To talk to sponsors to get funding

10.1.5. S6

10.1.6. S7

10.1.7. S10

10.2. Teacher Identity

10.2.1. V2.1: To do all aspects of the work/Project

10.2.2. V2.2: Compromise / Negotiate

10.2.3. V2.3: To be Resourceful

10.2.4. V2.4

10.2.5. V2.5

10.2.6. V2.6

10.2.7. V2.7

10.2.8. V2.8

10.3. Learner-Centred Values

10.3.1. V1.1: Understand some of pupils are from poor families and I must empathise with them and their parents.

10.3.2. V1.2: Understand that my students are different (Fire, Water, Air, Earth) and I must adjust my teaching approaches accordingly

10.3.3. V1.3

10.3.4. V1.4

10.4. Leadership and Management

10.4.1. LM1.1: Listen to others and reach a common consensus

10.4.2. LM1.2: Unassuming and Servant Leadership

10.4.3. LM1.3: Take Initiative and you are already a leader.

10.5. Professional Practice

10.5.1. PP1: Humble

10.5.2. PP2: Patient

10.5.3. PP4.1: Community Service

10.5.4. PP4.2: Take Time to build relationships

10.5.5. PP4.3: Anticipate and prepare for the future - Foresight

10.5.6. PP4.4: Team work

10.5.7. PP4.6:Be Happy and it will spread to others. I must put in my heart and soul in all my lessons.

10.6. Personal Effectiveness

10.6.1. PE1.1: Time Management - Handling GESL in the midst of lessons and assignments

10.6.2. PE1.2: Understand the minds and habits of myself and others

10.6.3. PE1.3

10.6.4. PE1.4

11. Service to the Profession and Community

11.1. V3.1

11.2. V3.3

12. Curriculum Studies (CS) & Language Enhancement and Academic Discourse Skills QUE502 - Language Studies for Teachers , QCM501 & 502 - Teaching and Learning of Primary Mathematics, QCS501 - Curriculum and Pedagogy for Primary Science, QCS502 - Assessment Modes and Resource Management for Primary Science, QCE501 - Teaching, Reading and Writing, QLK501 - Communication Skills for Teachers

12.1. Knowledge

12.1.1. QUE503- technical aspect of Grammar pedagogy , Learn the pedagogical aspect of Grammar / Teaching Pedagogy in English (Still Learning) SAMPLE: QBS521 Assessment and Further Strategies in Teaching Elements of Business Skills

12.1.2. QUE502 Choosing Books that Appeal to Boys and Girls

12.1.3. QUE502- learn more about importance Multiculturalism and its implications / Different types of English Children Literature to engage and teach our little ones

12.1.4. QUE502- K5 Different Resources and ways to teach English Language -QCE501/Managing Diversity and Pedagogy

12.1.5. QUE502- K6 - Build love in reading in my students by understanding their perspectives and needs.

12.1.6. Global awareness from History of English & influences of EL, Gain great understanding of the structure, history and influence English lan guage and how it has affected our society - QUE502

12.2. Skills

12.2.1. S1: QUE502 - Researching the different types of English Literature that Dr Chitra recommended was great. I also learn understanding different perspectives, mankind and human rights.

12.2.2. S2: QCS501 - Applying the different approaches in the teaching of Science and adapt or modify the current pedagogies accordingly. This is to suit the changing behaviours of our children which are influenced by social media and living in this watershed period of internet connectivity.

12.2.3. S4: QUE502 - I learn to see underlying reasons for every situations.

12.2.4. S6: QCS501 - Inquiry Based Learning, Montessori and 5E / QCS501- I read in depth on Maria Montessori Approach to teaching- Some food for thoughts. Her life story is very special. ** We can modify current pedagogies to suit our students' needs.

12.2.5. S7: QCM501 - Concrete Pictorial and Abstract Approach to teach Mathematics especially Geometry / Teaching Maths Skills (Still Learning) Innovative ways and using right CPA - QCM501 - Jerome Bruner, Piaget and Dienes

12.2.6. S8: QCS502- Test Constructions in Science

12.2.7. S9: Microteaching in Maths and Science help me to be more aware of what to look out for in Teaching - QCS501 and QCM501

12.3. Service to the Profession and Community

12.3.1. Helping the poor through community project

12.3.2. V3.3

12.4. Teacher Identity

12.4.1. V2.1: QCS501 - Kind/Compassionate Science Teacher - Emulate my teacher -

12.4.2. V2.2: See the Big Picture

12.4.3. V2.3: All my Teachers at NIE - Humility

12.4.4. V2.4: From All my Course Models - I learn to constantly Upgrading Knowledge and gain wisdom

12.4.5. V2.5: QLK501 - I also emulate my QLK teacher Ms Patricia Lee. She is super kind and approachable.

12.4.6. V2.6: Humour - Learn from Dr Phyllis Chew -QUE502

12.4.7. V2.7: QUE503 - My teacher, Ms Linda is also very understanding and knowledgeable.

12.4.8. V2.8: QCE501 - I learn that we must be non-judgement and have strong Empathy - I learn a lot of my teacher identity from my English Tutor, Ms Kiren Kaur. She is an excellent teacher.

12.5. Learner-Centred Values

12.5.1. V1.1: QCE501- I learn that if you genuinely care for your students, they will know and they will do well in the subjects that you teach them. You do not have to nag at them. They will put in all their sweat and blood in their work because of themselves and you.

12.5.2. V1.2 : QUE502 - Have Humour in the class - Learnt from Dr Phyllis Chew - Happy Learners Produce Motivated Learners with Excellent Results and Characters.

12.5.3. V1.3

12.5.4. V1.4

12.6. Leadership and Management

12.6.1. LM1.1: You must be able to say "Sorry, I made a mistake" in front of others. There is seriously nothing wrong in that.

12.6.2. LM1.2

12.6.3. LM2.2

12.7. Professional Practice

12.7.1. PP1: SAMPLE: QCK522 Pedagogical Approaches to Teaching and Learning Accounting

12.7.2. PP2: QCS501 There are plenty of amazing things I have learnt from reading Scientific Literature. The west is very established in this area and I could adapt some of their ideas in my lessons. I could not sleep after reading them as they are so intriguing.

12.7.3. PP4.1:

12.7.4. PP4.2: QLK501 - Speak Professionally and write according to Context, Purpose and Audience

12.7.5. PP4.3 - Pronounce words accurately SAMPLE: QCC522 Teaching of Chinese Language 3

12.7.6. PP4.4

12.7.7. PP4.5

12.7.8. PP4.6

12.8. Personal Effectiveness

12.8.1. PE1.1:

12.8.2. PE1.2: QLK501 - Learn to be succinct in my writing and speech, pronounce accurately

12.8.3. PE1.3: QLK501 - Learn to explain issues to others and empathetise with people

12.8.4. PE1.4: From all my NIE Tutors - Resilience and Adjust Expectations according to the situation

13. Knowledge Skills

13.1. Knowledge

13.1.1. K1: GESL - Understanding more about the poverty in Singapore

13.1.2. K2

13.1.3. K3

13.1.4. K4

13.1.5. K5

13.1.6. K6

13.1.7. K7

13.1.8. K8

13.1.9. K9

13.1.10. K10

13.2. Skills

13.2.1. S1

13.2.2. S2

13.2.3. S3

13.2.4. S4

13.2.5. S5

13.2.6. S6

13.2.7. S7

13.2.8. S8

13.2.9. S9

13.2.10. S10

13.3. Service to the Profession and Community

13.3.1. V3.1: GESL- Winning Hearts - waking up 3am in the morning to prepare food for the poor people to eat.

13.3.2. V3.2: GESL Taking time to distribute biscuits to the people and encouraging them to give to the poor.

13.3.3. V3.3

13.3.4. V3.4

13.4. Teacher Identity

13.4.1. V2.1: QED506-Servant Leadership as I read my Scientific Literature that Obama is humble so he won the Presidential Election.

13.4.2. V2.2: QED506- Create Non-Threatening environment in our classroom

13.4.3. V2.3

13.4.4. V2.4

13.4.5. V2.5

13.4.6. V2.6

13.4.7. V2.7

13.4.8. V2.8

13.5. Learner-Centred Values

13.5.1. V1.1: QED508- I use biographies and inspiring stories to motivate our students and make them feel loved and inspired. Teacher Model

13.5.2. V1.2: QED508- High expectations and Aspirations for them

13.5.3. V1.3

13.5.4. V1.4

13.6. Leadership and Management

13.6.1. LM1.1

13.6.2. LM1.2

13.6.3. LM2.2

13.7. Professional Practice

13.7.1. PP4.1

13.7.2. PP4.2

13.7.3. PP4.3

13.7.4. PP4.4

13.7.5. PP4.5

13.7.6. PP4.6

13.8. Personal Effectiveness

13.8.1. Very inspiring video for the soul. I hope to coach my students to perform spontaneously and creatively in this manner even though I may not teach Music. no

13.8.2. PE1.2 : Meranti and QED508 have helped me to learn more about myself and other people. This helps me remove stereotypes and prejudices.

13.8.3. PE1.3

13.8.4. PE1.4


14.1. Knowledge

14.1.1. K1 Self SAMPLE: My Teaching Philosophy (updated)

14.1.2. K2 Pupil

14.1.3. K3 Community

14.1.4. K4 Subject content

14.1.5. K5 Pedagogy

14.2. Skills

14.2.1. S1

14.2.2. S2

14.2.3. S3

14.2.4. S4

14.2.5. S6

14.2.6. S7

14.2.7. S8

14.2.8. S9

14.2.9. S10

14.3. Service to the Profession and Community

14.3.1. V3.1

14.4. Teacher Identity

14.4.1. V2.1

14.4.2. V2.2

14.4.3. V2.3

14.4.4. V2.4

14.4.5. V2.5

14.4.6. V2.6

14.4.7. V2.7

14.4.8. V2.8

14.5. Learner-Centred Values

14.5.1. V1.1

14.5.2. V1.2

14.5.3. V1.3

14.5.4. V1.4

14.6. Leadership and Management

14.6.1. LM1.2

14.6.2. LM2.1

14.6.3. LM2.2

14.7. Professional Practice

14.7.1. PP2

14.7.2. PP4.2

14.7.3. PP4.3

14.8. Personal Effectiveness

14.8.1. PE1.1

14.8.2. PE1.2

14.8.3. PE1.3

14.8.4. PE1.4