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Piano by Mind Map: Piano
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broken regularity of the structure may suggest sadness the memory causes

rhyming couplets could indicate bond between mother and son


final stanza opens with this discourse marker

contrasts the present with the past, contrasts the brash singer with the gentle music of his memory


adapted sonnet

may suggest the love for his mother


the focal point

the memory


"softly a woman"

gradually the woman fades into view as his mother

"a woman" depersonalises the memory at first

creates a sense of mystery and wonder at the start of the poem

"smiles as she sings"

soft, sibilant phrasing

suggests softness and lightness of a happy memory


"vista of years"

panoramic view

creates a sense of the distance between the memory and the present

suggests that there are different views of different parts of his life

"winter outside"

contrast with the warmth of the family parlour


contrast between "booming" and "tinkling"

between man and child

"insidious mastery of song"

music "betrays" him & causes him to become emotional about the past

contrast between "booming" and "tinkling"


sits under the piano

suggests protection and vulnerability

"pressing her feet"

touching image of child participating in the making of music


"The glamour of childish days"

he is emotionally weakened by his memories

nostalgia affects him

the memory is a metaphorical flood that drowns him, does suggest rebirth: he can arise as a changed man

he is engulfed in sorrow


Half-past Two