Separating Methods

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Separating Methods by Mind Map: Separating Methods

1. Filteration

1.1. 1) Make a filter cone.

1.1.1. 2) Put it in a filter funnel and filter out the mixture.

1.1.2. 3) Obtain the oil and water mixture in a beaker below the funnel.

1.2. 4) Use a Separation Funnel to separate the oil from the water mixture.

1.2.1. 5) The water, will be at the bottom, as it is denser. Hence, open the tap and allow the water to drip out slowly into a glass beaker beneath the Separation Funnel.

1.2.2. 6) Now, you have obtained pure water in the beaker. Close the tap and use an empty beaker to allow all the oil to drip out. The oil and water are now separated.