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science by Mind Map: science

1. charecteristics of living things

1.1. alive

1.1.1. animals humans

1.1.2. plants rose

1.2. dead

1.2.1. furniture sofa

1.2.2. already had been alive table made of tree's

1.3. is it alive?

1.3.1. all living things have this seven things respiration takein oxygen nutrition need food and water excretion get rid of waste produts that you don't need growth get bigger as you get older reproduction produce young movement to change position on their own sensitivity sense things by their surroundings and react to them

2. cells and organs system

2.1. using a microscope

2.1.1. microscope pieces eyepiece lens microscope tube what's for? to see things that are too smallthat you can't see.