Section 9

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Section 9 by Mind Map: Section 9

1. part: 2 Rome from 1-100 CE was a beautiful place. full of gardens and temples and nearly 1 million people lived there. To keep the poor happy they gave out free food and they gave entertainment like gladiator fights.

2. part: 3 The laws were kept strict. though anybody could accuse anybody of crime. the main source of power though was the emperor. The senate still met and were a high up class they still did not have as much power as the emperor

3. part: 4 Rome thought religion was very important. though the copied most of their gods of Greek gods. They mostly sacrificed oxen bulls and sheep to their gods as a sign of worthiness.

4. part: 5 Roman familys' were run by the paterfamilias. The paterfamilias were the father of the family. although you could be a father yourself if your paterfamilias was not dead then you do not take the position until he is dead.

5. part: 6 The poor ate what they called fast food. it was meals on the go of hot and cold foods. The rich shopped for perfect foods in the market they like to drizzle a fish sauce on their food.

6. part: 7 The poor lived in apartments crammed with people or little rooms above their shop. The rich lived in large airy homes made of marble and stone.

7. part: 8 The poor families didn't send their kids to school they taught them how to earn money for the family. The rich usually sent their kids to school and got tutored by intelligent Greek slaves. They also went to school and learned important things.

8. part: 9 The rich enjoyed plays to entertain them. To keep the poor busy they held lots of circuses and fed them bread. Everybody could enjoy themselves at the public baths.

9. part: 10 The life in the country for the poor and slaves was hard. The poor lived in huts. They did most of the work. The emperors villa fed a lot of Rome and some other cities too.