Post-Secondary Options

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Post-Secondary Options by Mind Map: Post-Secondary Options

1. Graduate Assistant

1.1. Free tuition

1.1.1. Teach an undergraduage class or coach in an assistant position or work in a university/college department

1.2. FAFSA

1.2.1. Tuition

1.2.2. Room and Board

1.2.3. Books

2. Associates Degree

2.1. 2 years

2.1.1. Community College Public Iowa Central Community College

2.1.2. Junior College Private FAFSA

2.1.3. AA=Associate of Arts

2.1.4. AS=Associate of Science

3. Diploma Certificate

3.1. Community College

3.1.1. Iowa Lakes Community College Estherville Career

3.2. Junior College

3.3. Vocational School

3.3.1. Iowa Lakes Community College Emmetsburg Career

3.4. Technical School

3.4.1. Western Iowa Tech Career Electrician

3.5. Career School

3.5.1. Faust Cosmetology Career Cosmetolgisst

3.6. Distance Education

4. Graduate Degree

4.1. Masters Degree

4.1.1. approximately 2 additional years beyond undergraduate degree

4.2. Doctorate Degree

4.2.1. usually minimun of 2 additional years beyond Masters degree

5. Bachelors Degree Undergraduate

5.1. ACT or SAT Test

5.1.1. University Private Briar Cliff University Buena Vista University Public Iowa State University University of Iowa University of Northern Iowa

5.1.2. 4 Year College Private Morningside Northwestern Public

5.2. Career

5.2.1. Teacher