Math in the Real World

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Math in the Real World by Mind Map: Math in the Real World

1. Doctors/Scientists

1.1. Doctors use geometry when taking a CAT Scan of a patient to reshape the tumor.

1.2. Scientists use geometry to create drugs that will reshape or change the movements of proteins to heal disease.

1.3. Doctors use math when prescribing medications because they have to decide how much medicine a patient needs depending on the body mass index.

1.4. Doctors use statistics when they draw graphs showing the success rate of a treatment or when displaying graphs of epidemics.

2. Construction

2.1. Basic geometry concepts such as lines, arcs, points, angles, planes, squares, triangles, rectangles, circles, and perpendicular/parallel lines are used when constructing buildings.

2.2. Builders must calculate the amount of space or property they have to build on. They must make sure these buildings have the proper shape for drainage.

2.3. The Eiffel Tower is a famous example of construction which included many shapes and aspects of geometry.

3. Design

3.1. Math is used in fashion design. People who design clothes, shoes, and other appearance items use math everyday. They draw multiple sketches of outfits, including measurements and shapes. Without math, specifically geometry clothing would not fit properly on the human body.

3.2. Interior designers use math in multiple ways in their profession. They know how much light a room needs by the area of the space. They must measure what size furniture and fixtures will fit into the allowed space. How much flooring is needed is figured out by square footage. Interior designers must also comply with building codes within a house. They must regulate the height, width, and number of stairs in a space. Math is needed to for an interior designer in order to complete his/her design within the building code limits, and space/area limits of a room.

4. Engineers

4.1. Engineers use almost every subject of math in their career. Calculus is used in engineering when trying to figure out the rate of change, such as weight or acceleration. Calculus would be used in space to allow NASA to know when a satellites orbit is going to hit another object in space.

4.2. Algebra and geometry are used in engineering when there are several unknowns in a differential equation. Drawing an accurate road curve would be one example of engineers using geometry.

4.3. Mechanical engineers use geometry and statistics when designing a hand for a robot, or designing the shape of a ship.