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Chiropractor by Mind Map: Chiropractor

1. Test

1.1. You will need to get a license before being allowed to practice in any given state; this license is obtained by taking an exam given at the national level.

2. Most students can expect to receive approximately $3944 per quarter for living expenses ($1,314 per month).

2.1. Living cost for college

3. Tuition for 2013- 2014 year is $6,938 per quarter. The total annual tuition is $27,752. In cases where a student is permitted or required to carry a partial academic load, tuition is pro-rated for each course up to a maximum of the full-time tuition rate.

3.1. College Cost

4. An average hourly wage and the annual safary for a chiropractor in the United States are around $38.25 per hour and $79.550 per year.

4.1. Salary

5. You start by getting a high school degree and then studying for either and undergraduate or bachelors degree. You will need to enroll in accredited chiropractic school to study for a doctor of chiropractic degree.

5.1. Education

5.1.1. The typical applicant at a chiropractic college has already acquired nearly four years of pre-medical undergraduate college education

6. Classes

6.1. -Basic medical sciences -Chiropractic theory and science -Postural and spinal analysis -Anatomy and physiology -Muscle and bone structures -Diagnostic radiology and ultrasound -Professional standards and ethics -Practice management

7. To become a sucessful chiropractor

7.1. To have good communications skills. He or she will need to be able to explain to a client what type of treatment is needed and why it is the best option. A chiropractor will also need to be able to make patients feel comfortable while in treatment.

8. Jobs

8.1. A chiropractor can start his or her own clinic, buy a practice, work with others in this same field or find employment at a hospital or private doctor’s practice.