Post-secondary Option

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Post-secondary Option by Mind Map: Post-secondary Option

1. Community College- This college offers you a 2 years of college and if you decide to go for a four years degree they transfer you to another school. To get accepted the student must be 18 or older and have a diploma or GED.

2. University- an University offers you a Masters and Bachelors degree. University is larger than colleges.

3. Public College- This college offers you a 2 year course to get an associate degree.

4. Private College- This colleges or Universities are smaller, but can offer many different kinds of educations.

5. Junior College- Its almost the same as the community college, but this college is private only some people can go in there.

6. Four year College- A four year college offers you to get a bachelor's degree.

7. ACT is a test that you must pass before going to any college or university.

8. FAFSA- is a scholarship that can help you financially.

9. Associate Degree- To get an associative degree you need 2 years of college or university.

10. Tuition- Tuition is an amount of money that you have to pay in order to attend to a College, University, or a Private school.

11. Bachelor's degree- To get a bachelor's degree the student need to attend 4 years of college.

12. Vocational college- A Vocational college is a private college and offers a lot of different training options.

13. Doctorate Degree- A Doctorate Degree can be able to work in an specific profession.

14. Undergraduate Degree- Is a degree that a person complete undergraduate courses