Information System Development Life Cycle

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Information System Development Life Cycle by Mind Map: Information System Development Life Cycle

1. Planning Phase

1.1. Assemble the project team

1.2. Justify Project

1.3. Choose development methodology

1.4. Develop a project schedule

1.5. Produce a Project Development Plan

2. Analysis Phase

2.1. Study the current system

2.1.1. A new information system is designed to replace an already already existing one. In order to improve, the old system must be studied upon to find out the strengths and weaknesses which will be implemented into the new system

2.2. Determine system requirements

2.2.1. Observations and research must be done with those who have first-hand experience with the existing system. This way, the project team is able to get opinions on strengths and weakness about the program.

2.3. Write requirements report

2.3.1. The project team uses the obtained system requirements in order to construct a report listing the requirements that will solve the existing problems. These requirements will aid the team in designing the system.

3. Design Phase

3.1. Indentify potential solutions

3.2. Evaluate solutions and select the best

3.3. Select hardware and software

3.4. Develop application specifications

3.5. Obtain approval to implement the new system

4. Implementation Phase

4.1. Purchase and install hardware and/or software

4.2. Create applications

4.3. Test applications

4.4. Finalize documentation

4.5. Train users

4.6. Convert data

4.7. Convert to new system

5. Maintenance Phase

5.1. Operate equipment

5.2. Make backups

5.3. Provide help to users

5.4. Fix bugs

5.5. Optimize for speed and security

5.6. Revise software as necessary to meet business needs