Behavior of Waves

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Behavior of Waves by Mind Map: Behavior of Waves

1. Examples: Adding water to soil, plucking a string on a guitar.

2. Refraction

2.1. Book Definition: Is the bending of a wave as it enters a new medium at an angle.

2.2. Our Definition: When a wave bends as it enters a medium. It enters at an angle.

2.2.1. Examples: 1. Lawn Mower moving from grass to gravel. 2. Ocean waves going into a shallow area.

3. Reflection

3.1. Book Definition: Occurs when a wave bounces off a surface that it cannot pass through.

3.1.1. Examples: 1. A ball cannot go through a wall, it bounces back. 2. A person in a mirror appears opposite.

3.2. Our Definition: When a wave bounces off something that it cannot go through or around.

4. Diffraction

4.1. Book Definition: It is the bending of the wave as it moves around an obstacle or passes through a narrow opening.

4.2. Our Definition: When a wave hits something and goes through it around it or in a small opening.

4.2.1. Examples: 1. A waves runs into a rock and goes around it. 2. tree in a lake, the waves go around it or through the branches.

5. Interference

5.1. Book definition: Occurs when 2 or more waves overlap and combine together.

5.2. Our definition: When 2 waves hit each other and overlap and combine into one.

5.2.1. Examples: 1. When 2 balls collide and there waves combine. 2. When 2 people run into each other and their waves combine.

6. Constructive Interference

6.1. book definition: occurs when 2 or more waves combine to produce a wave with a larger displacement.

6.2. Our definition: When waves meet and combine at 2 crests or 2 troughs, to make a bigger wave.

6.2.1. Examples: 1. Pushing a child on a swing when she is moving forward. 2. Sending waves through a jump rope.

7. standing waves

7.1. book definition: its a wave that appears to stay in one place it does not seem to move through the medium

7.1.1. definition in your word: when a wave stands alone in one place.

8. Destructive Interference

8.1. Book Definition: Occurs when 2 or more waves combine to produce a wave with a smaller displacements.

8.2. Our Definition: Waves meet at opposite direction, causing waves to destruct or weaken.

8.2.1. Examples: 1. Pushing a child in a swing when they are not moving forward. 2. When a crest of a wave meets a trough of another wave.