Behavior of Waves

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Behavior of Waves by Mind Map: Behavior of Waves

1. Reflection

1.1. Book Definition: A wave bounces off a surface that it cannot pass through.

1.2. My Definition: A wave bouncing off a surface or something.

1.3. Example 1:

1.4. Example 2:

2. Diffraction

2.1. Book Definition: The bending of a wave as it moves around an obstacle or passes through

2.2. My Definition: A wave that goes around a object or through it.

2.3. Example 1:

2.4. Example 2:

3. Refraction

3.1. Book Definition: Bending of a wave as it enters a new medium at an angle.

3.2. My Definition: A object going in water and bends the look of it in a angle.

3.3. Example 1:

3.4. Example 2:

4. Intrerference

4.1. Book Definition: When two ro more waves overlap and combined together.

4.2. My Definition: The sound combining together.

4.3. Example 1:

4.4. Example 2:

5. Destructive Interference

5.1. Book definition: When two waves combine to produce with a smaller displacement.

5.2. My Definition: Two waves to make a smaller sound.

5.3. Example 1:

5.4. Example 2:

6. Constructive interference

6.1. Book Definition:When two waves can add together to produce a large displacement.

6.2. My definition: Two waves to make a louder sound.

6.3. Example 1:

6.4. Example 2:

7. Standing Waves

7.1. Book definition: A wave that appears to stay in one place

7.2. My definition: A wave standing in place

7.3. Example 1:

7.4. Example 2: