Computer Programer

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Computer Programer by Mind Map: Computer Programer

1. Computer Cources to take in college

1.1. Courses Available - Information Systems, Cybersecurity, Information Systems,Security Data Communication, Systems Technology, Software Engineering, Technology Project Management, Software Applications Development, Software Development

1.2. ITT Techincal Institute

1.2.1. Online Program

1.2.2. Bachelors Degree

1.3. DeVry Univisty

1.3.1. Online Classes offerted

1.3.2. Get your Assiociate Degree in Four semester

1.3.3. Bacholors in 3 years

1.3.4. Complet Master Degree in 1 year

2. Take computer Classes in High School

2.1. Computer Applications I

2.1.1. Computer Applications II Basic Presentation Software Basic Spreadsheets Basic Word Processing

3. Jobs For Computer PRrogramer

3.1. Can find a job in all 52 in U.S


3.3. 36$ per hour, with an annualy rate of $74,280 per year.