Structures and Forces

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Structures and Forces by Mind Map: Structures and Forces

1. Ex. Rock, dam, etc.

2. Ex. A igloo, a egg, etc

3. Purpose, form and function of a structure

3.1. Purpose

3.1.1. Very similar to function, basically what it is designed to do Ex. Cars are used to transport us around faster

3.2. Function

3.2.1. What the structure is made to do Ex. Bridge is to help people cross water without swimming or boat

3.3. Form

3.3.1. What a structure looks like and what it is made out of Three basic forms Frame Solid Shell

4. Different Types of Structures

4.1. Solid

4.1.1. Solid all the way through

4.2. Frame

4.2.1. Not solid all the way usually just a frame, saves more materials Ex. Frame bridge, a car, etc.

4.3. Shell

4.3.1. Not solid all the way through usually hollow in the inside Ex. A igloo, a egg, etc

5. Loads

5.1. Dead load

5.1.1. Permanent force acting on a structure like the weight of the structure itself Ex. If the person was standing on the bridge the bridge would be the dead load

5.2. Live load

5.2.1. A changing force acting on a structure Ex. Wind, snow, etc.

5.3. Dynamic load

5.3.1. Natural forces acting on the structure Ex. Wind blowing against a structure

5.4. Static load

5.4.1. The effect of gravity acting on a structure Ex. Weight of a bridge

6. Forces

6.1. External forces

6.1.1. Direction Direction of the force that is being applied Ex. Push or pull

6.1.2. Point of application Where the force hits on the structure Ex. The force hits the centre For example a tap is a weak force

6.1.3. Magnitude How strong,heavy,light a force acting on a structure is

6.1.4. Plane of application The angle which the force is applied Ex. A wrecking a ball

6.2. Internal forces

6.2.1. Compression Pushing against each other Ex. Squeezing a rubber ball

6.2.2. Shear Parallel forces acting opposite on a structure Ex. Licorice getting pulled in opposite directions

6.2.3. Torsion When opposite rotational forces are applied to a object Ex. When a rope is getting twisted in opposite directions

6.2.4. Tension When something is being pulled in opposite directions Ex. a elastic band getting stretched