behavior of waves

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behavior of waves by Mind Map: behavior of waves

1. constructive interference

1.1. waves combine to make bigger waves

1.2. a child swinging

1.3. two or more waves combine to produce a wave with a larger displacement

2. diffraction

2.1. is the bending of a wave as it moves around an obstacle

2.2. a wave bends around objects

2.3. a pebble dropped into a pond

3. refraction

3.1. is a bending of a wave

3.2. bends light waves when etered into new mediums

3.3. lawnmower with one wheel in gravel

4. reflection

4.1. occurs when a wave bounces off a surface

4.2. when a wave cant pass through an object

4.3. a ball bouncing off a wall

5. standing waves

5.1. a wave that stays in one place

5.2. a wave that looks as if its not moving

5.3. a guitar string plucked

6. destructive interference

6.1. two or more waves combine to produce a wave with a smaller displacement.

6.2. two waves hit each other and calm dowmn

6.3. waves crashing into each other

7. interference

7.1. occurs when two or more waves combined together

7.2. when waves combined

7.3. snowball going down a hill