Structures and Forces

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Structures and Forces by Mind Map: Structures and Forces

1. Combination Structure

1.1. A combination of and 2 of the 3 types of structure (shell, frame and solid structures)

1.1.1. Examples House Solid base, hollow, frame for the walls Empire State Building Jail Cell

2. Classifying Structures

2.1. Shell Structures

2.1.1. A hollow structure Uses less material than a solid structure of the same size

2.1.2. Examples Taj Mahai Sky Dome Sydney Opera House

2.2. Frame Structures

2.2.1. A structure made out of parts put together Structural Components Skeleton and Skin The skeleton is the frame The skin could be a covering but does not help spread out the force

2.2.2. Spreads out the force

2.2.3. Examples Eiffel Tower Greek Parthenon Honey Comb

2.3. Solid Structures

2.3.1. A structure that is usually solid all the way through but may sometimes have small openings Very strong Takes up a lot of resources

2.3.2. Examples Great Wall of China Watermelon CN Tower

3. Forces

3.1. External Forces

3.1.1. Plane of Application The imaginary flat surface the force is being applied on Examples Top Middle Bottom

3.1.2. Point of Application The exact angle in which the force is being applied on Examples 90 degrees 45 degrees 180 degrees

3.1.3. Magnitude How hard the force is being applied Examples Heavy Magnitude Light Magnitude Medium Magnitude

3.1.4. Direction Where the force is coming from Examples Push Pull

3.1.5. Center of Gravity The point of a structure where most of its mass is located

3.2. Internal Forces

3.2.1. Tension A force that stretches Examples Elastic Band Wire between two poles Tug of War

3.2.2. Compression A force that pushes down or squeezes something together Examples Using a yoga ball Sitting on a chair Standing

3.2.3. Shear A force that pushes in opposite directions and usually tears Examples Twizzlers Scissors Zipper

3.2.4. Torsion A force that twists Examples Soccer ball after being kicked really hard Dreidle Yoyo

4. Different Types of Loads

4.1. Static Load

4.1.1. Dead Load The never changing load of the object itself from gravity

4.2. Dynamic Load

4.2.1. Live Load The weight the dead load has to support

4.2.2. Dynamic Load A load that is unpredictable and is always changing when it is acting on the structure Examples Snow Rain Hail

4.3. Examples

4.3.1. Bridge Dead load: bridge Live load: Cars Dynamic Load: weather

4.3.2. Walking Dead Load: Shoes Live load: feet/legs

4.3.3. Electrical Poles Dead load: Poles Live load: Wires Dynamic Load: Weather