Structures & Forces

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Structures & Forces by Mind Map: Structures & Forces

1. This load is often the hardest to prepare for because it is unexpected

2. The form must match the function of the structure

3. Form, Function & Purpose

3.1. Form

3.1.1. The design of the structure the design of a chair wings on an airplane

3.2. Function

3.2.1. What the structure does allows someone to sit on it to fly

3.3. Purpose

3.3.1. Why the structure was made a chair is made to be sat on to transport around the world

4. Types of Loads

4.1. A force acting on a structure

4.1.1. Static Load Live Load The load caused caused by gravity Dead Load The object itself

4.1.2. Dynamic Load Any other force acting on the object other than the live load and the object itself chair getting hit by a baseball

5. Types of Structures

5.1. Frame

5.1.1. Structures made of parts put together Weight can be distributed throughout structure A bats wing Eiffel Tower lightweight and uses the least material

5.2. Solid

5.2.1. A Structure that is usually completely solid To support heavy loads a cement brick The Statue of David

5.3. Shell

5.3.1. A hollow curved structure Lightweight, meant to contain and not as much support Igloo Egg

5.4. Combination

5.4.1. A structure with shell, frame & solid parts Strong, sturdy Human Skeleton House

6. Internal Forces

6.1. Forces acting on the inside of a structure

6.1.1. Shear A force that tears an object in opposite directions cutting paper trees bending from strong winds

6.1.2. Tension A force that stretches to expand and lengthen an object stretching a rubber-band stretching before a work out

6.1.3. Compression A force that squeezes or presses an object yoga ball when exercising wearing skinny jeans

6.1.4. Torsion A force twists an object twisting a towel figure skater spinning

7. External Forces

7.1. A force acting on the outside of a structure

7.1.1. Gravity A Force that pulls objects with weight towards the earth Apple falling from a tree people on the earth

7.1.2. Friction Two or more objects rubbing against each other Chalk on a blackboard a car driving {tires}

7.1.3. Classifying forces Plane of Application Angle of where the force hits Magnitude The strength of the force Direction Where the force comes from Point of Application Where the force hits