Hero's Journey

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Hero's Journey by Mind Map: Hero's Journey

1. Goal

1.1. Finish the book and return to library

1.2. Become a Gym Leader Elite Four Take over the Pokémon world

1.3. Rescue daughter/Kill all the kidnappers

1.4. Rescue Husband/Wife Take out the Satanic cult

2. Struggle

2.1. Game play

2.2. Quests

2.3. Battles

2.4. Solving Puzzles

3. Enemies

3.1. Creatures

3.1.1. Native to book's genre(ie fantasy, historical)

3.2. Wild Pokémon/Fellow trainers

3.3. Kidnappers/Their vicious guard animals

3.4. Satanic Minions Boss

4. Hero

4.1. Bookworm

4.2. Pokémon trainer (MMORPG form)

4.3. Father/Mother

4.4. Wife/Husband

5. Ordinary World

5.1. Library

5.1.1. Bookshelf

5.2. Hometown

5.3. Home/Town

5.4. Cruise ship

6. Special World

6.1. Book's World

6.2. Outside Pokémon World

6.3. Warehouse where the kidnapper is

6.4. Basement of the cruise ship

7. Mentor

7.1. First character in book (ie. wizard, pirate, etc.)

7.2. Pokémon Professor

7.3. Man/Woman who works for enemies and periodically gives clues as to how to rescue Husband/Wife

8. Call to Adventure

8.1. Book opens, releases the world inside

8.2. Receieves Pokémon from Mentor

8.3. Daughter/Son is kidnapped

8.4. Husband/Wife goes to a meeting with someone and doesn't come back/Clues are left to find him/her