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Planetary Pledge Pyramid by Mind Map: Planetary Pledge Pyramid
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Planetary Pledge Pyramid

Technological fix

Power Generation




Adapting to new climate conditions

Invest in space exploration


Idea: reuse, fix and hack your old machines

Inner city education hub funded by waste and compost

Have a deposit on ALL recyclable containers

Companies to set up re-fill centres

Legal/ Rights



Consume Less

Reducing animal farming

create a platform for sharing stuff

consume less

Share all appliances

Direct Action

Fund ecoterrorism

Exacerbate Recession

Get warm by running from the police

Global Hug Day

More trees

Everyone Build Their Own Magnetic Generator

Create an online world wide direct democractic Community!

a nursery to plant native trees in Colombia

Locally grown produce

Promote Organic Farming


Go for vegetal cities!

Community Gardening

Supporting Others

developing countries


Social Entrepreneurs


Lifestyle change

Idea: Use Public Transport

Self Assessment

Go vegetarian

Utilize your laptops battery!

Stop all unnecessary print, save the trees and save the world

Less Talk- More Action

Wear warm clothes instead of turning up the heat

Wear warm clothes instead of turning up the heat

learn to reduce waste..the last 5% on our plates

Policy change

Stop useing Gas cars./ and gasoline WE DON"T NEED IT

cap politician salaries and make 2nd, 3rd etc jobs illegal

More cycle paths and less space for cars

Higher taxes on fuel

Enforce energy neutrality on new housing

Increase the profiles of people with real manual skills compared to soft and art skills.

Reduce the population, and invest in education

We should pledge to support and accept future climate refugees as bona fide immigrants

Car Free Zones & Times

Stop voting for Lars Løkke

Out of the box!

big cobra sanctury


Human posters and human labels

Christmas in July!

Deprioritise Climate Change

Fight Human Suffering NOT just Climate Change

Spend the money on 3rd world development