Marketing Channels

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Marketing Channels by Mind Map: Marketing Channels

1. Computer Retail Store

1.1. Purchases computers and equipment from many manufactures, and sell it to consumers.

1.2. Benefits- Employs people that are knowledgeable about computers that can help you make a decision on your purchase, they may also offer classes and training sessions on technology these services are best for people who may need help after their purchase.

1.3. Limitations- They are fairly expensive but their costs reflect the prices of buying the hardware software and maintaining the store and paying the staff.

2. Mail Order

2.1. When the vendor takes orders by telephone or from the internet and then the product is sent right to the consumer.

2.2. Benefits- Offer low prices, Best for people who wont need support and can troubleshoot by themselves.

2.3. Limitations- People who aren't experienced might be frustrated by the lack of support.

3. Manufacturer Direct

3.1. Hardware manufactures that sell their product directly to their consumers without a middleman.

3.2. Benefits- Low prices skipping middleman, Each order is made to ship witch helps eliminate inventory.

3.3. Limitations- The manufacture has to provide technical support for its products, a costly service that requires large teams of technical support workers

4. Value Added Reseller (VAR)

4.1. Combine retail products with specialty Hardware and software.

4.2. Benefits- They can ensure that all the hardware and software you get from them will work together.

4.3. Limitations- They are the most expensive way to get hardware and software because they are often the only ones who specialized in a specific job.