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Spring Branch Transforming the Future! by Mind Map: Spring Branch Transforming the Future!
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Spring Branch Transforming the Future!

The 501 C-3 will have it's own accounting structure and each ministry becoming a division of the main structure. Employees then will become “Directors” for each division and will eventually house other staff under them.   A marketing structure to brand the entire project and seek financial support will be the strongest of the none mentioned divisions.

Local Churches & Ministries

National & International Corporations

Houston's Corp

Spring Branch Chamber of Commerce

Large Coporations

Houston Philantropy

City Gov

Chapel Wood Methodist


Board & Leadership

Financial Support

Sport Ministry

Profesional Soccer Training

Profesional Baseball Training Kenny and his team!

Professional Basketball Training

Lacrosse Basic Training

Golf Basic Training

Rugby Basic Training

Enployee Enrichment

Osha Safety Training

ID Processing

Basic Life Skill Training


Youth Ministry

Educational Programs

Boy Scouts of America

Summer Camps

Esperanza's Ministry

Solid Bible Clases

Parental Instruction

Marital Instruction

Community Building

Authentic Worship

Employer Enrichment

Glen Smith, has a stong Business Coaching program that can be duplicated or offered for this division.


Basic Biz Skills


General Education Institute

The General Education area will be gear to entire population, all ages. This will be accomplish via teh ilearn tools. The interactive Web base educational institute.