Voldemort's Feelings

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Voldemort's Feelings by Mind Map: Voldemort's Feelings

1. I really liked doing my Voki. It is a true expression of my feelings about the world. And I love how you can change the characters in many different ways! You don't have to make a guy character have a guy voice!

1.1. There are SO many options for characters!

1.2. The voices are very diverse, although they could use a Croatian accent.

1.3. The backgrounds are SICK.

2. New node

3. I didn't really like the Piknic program because I feel that there are other programs with so many more options for editing. But I did like my results.

4. Tube chop was a little annoying because youtube is blocked here, but it came in handy to cut out the boring crap on a video.

5. My podcast was awesome, but it takes a long ass time to do because I'm the only one who does the writing and editing. Oh the woes of being a teenage technology prodigy!