RPT Processes for

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RPT Processes for by Mind Map: RPT Processes for

1. Promotion & Tenure

1.1. TimeLine

1.1.1. January: Intention Request for upcoming actions

1.1.2. March: Preview Meeting. Mentors to present cases likely to be considered for upcoming year.

1.1.3. April: Feedback to Candidates

1.1.4. April: Form subcommittees 1 chair & 2 members plus 1 liason as ex-officio member.

1.1.5. May: First subcommittee meeting to identify letter writers.

1.1.6. June: Materials due from Candidate. Mentor to work with Candidate.

1.1.7. June: Finalize Letter Writers Candidate Recommends names Committee Recommends names School Chair validates letter writers with School RPT chair College Dean validates list of names.

1.1.8. June: Request letters

1.1.9. September: Subcommittee evaluates case prior to letters

1.1.10. September: Letters Due

1.1.11. October: Subcommittee evaluates case with letters

1.1.12. October: Subcommittee prepares casebook

1.1.13. October: Presentation to iC faculty and Vote

1.1.14. November: Casebook finalized with input form faculty meeting and votes.

1.1.15. November: School chair writes letter

1.1.16. November: College RPT meeting

1.1.17. December-February: College to Dean to institute to President

2. Critical Review

2.1. Timeline

2.1.1. September: Request materials

2.1.2. October: Form Subcommittee

2.1.3. Dec 1: Materials Due

2.1.4. December: Subcommittee evaluation meeting 1

2.1.5. January: Subcommittee evaluation meeting 2

2.1.6. February: IC faculty meeting presentation and vote

2.1.7. February: finalize casebook

2.1.8. March: College RPT meeting

2.1.9. March: College/Institute