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SQL Server 2008 by Mind Map: SQL Server 2008
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SQL Server 2008  


Backup Compression

Data Auditing

Data Collector

collects the historical data across the servers in a data warehouse for analytical purpose.

Data Compression

Develeopment Features

Extended Events

External Key Mangement

Add CPUs and Hot-Add Memory

Partion Alligned Indexed Views


Manage policies across all the server at a more granular level.

Resource Governor

enables you to manage SQL Server workload & resources by specifying limits on resource consumption by incoming requests.

Server Group Management

Streamlined Installation

Transparent Data Encryption

High Availability



scale up

scale out


Performance Data Collection

Use Performance Data Collection to troubleshoot, tune and monitor SQL Server 2008 instances across the enterprise    

Policy Based Management

built-in framework facets and policies

to manage surface area configuration and apply best practices

A-Single Mangement Console

to manage SSIS,SSRS,SSAS,SSNS custom reports to view the state of the server

Powershell Support


Integration and Interoperability