Ray Guyot Communication Project

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Ray Guyot Communication Project by Mind Map: Ray Guyot Communication Project

1. Create and produce products and services

2. Project brief

2.1. Area: Communication skills

3. Create value

3.1. Identify a domain and a name

3.2. Site definition

3.2.1. structure

3.3. start defining content items

4. Community Building

4.1. engage

4.1.1. live event

4.2. grow contact list

4.3. start to listen

5. Positioning

5.1. Competition

5.1.1. how to talk

5.1.2. great infographics

5.1.3. presentation skills

5.2. Possible niches

5.2.1. Information graphics

5.2.2. How to communicate effectively with charts and information graphs

5.2.3. Mix good dose of principles and theory with lots of practical knowledge

5.3. My possible take

5.3.1. the new presentation skills

5.3.2. the new interaction model for presenters

5.3.3. visual dialogue model

5.3.4. audiences communicating through dialogue

5.3.5. end of conferences

5.3.6. future of conferencing on-demand model

5.3.7. Matt Taylor - Conference Season Is Over

5.3.8. The virtual presenter soapbox The Future Of Conferences And Events The Virtual Presenter Soapbox

5.3.9. visual facilitation

5.3.10. illustrating talks

5.3.11. graphic facilitation

5.3.12. merging of real and virtual world Cliff Atkins - The Backchannel

5.3.13. The presenter's guide to how to connect with his audience