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Colosseum by Mind Map: Colosseum

1. External Forces

1.1. Wind

1.1.1. Direction 180 degrees

1.1.2. Magnitude Light

1.1.3. Point of Application Low

1.1.4. Plane of Application No where. It can't move

1.1.5. result Not much damage

1.2. Rain

1.2.1. Direction 90 degrees

1.2.2. Magnitude Heavy

1.2.3. Plane of Application Downwards

1.2.4. Point of Application No where. It can't move

1.2.5. Result Loosen the Material

2. Internal Forces

2.1. Tension

2.1.1. When many people are inside

2.2. Torsion

2.3. Compression

2.3.1. When there are people standing on the arena floor there are tunnels under the floor of the arena so the people standing on the arena pushes down on the floor

2.4. Shear

2.4.1. When the structure gets old and starts falling apart when a structure falls apart, it usually goes in opposite directions

3. Form and Function

3.1. Purpose/ function

3.1.1. Gladiators Fight in the past

3.1.2. Spectators Entertainment

3.1.3. Tourist Attraction

3.2. Type of Structure

3.2.1. Combination Structure Limestone: Solid Curved shape [Shell Structure] Hollow on the Inside Concrete: solid

4. Loads

4.1. Static Load

4.1.1. Live Load People in the Structure

4.1.2. Dead Load The Structure Itself

4.2. Dynamic Load

4.2.1. Wind

4.2.2. Rain