The Eiffel Tower

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The Eiffel Tower by Mind Map: The Eiffel Tower

1. external forces

1.1. wind

1.1.1. point of application the middle of the Eiffel Tower

1.1.2. direction push

1.1.3. angle of application 90 degrees

1.1.4. magnitude heavy magnitude

1.2. lightning

1.2.1. point of application the top of the Eiffel Tower

1.2.2. direction from the top

1.2.3. angle of application 180 degrees

1.2.4. magnitude heavy magnitude

2. Eiffel tower is a frame structure

2.1. the Eiffel Tower has parts fastened together

2.2. the Eiffel Tower uses less materials than a solid structure

2.3. all the weigh is spread out evenly

2.4. the Eiffel Tower is build with lots of triangles fastened together

3. the Eiffel tower purpose, form and function

3.1. the purpose of the Eiffel Tower is for tourist to observe the tower

3.2. the function of the Eiffel tower is to represent Paris

3.3. the form of the Eiffel Tower is tall, and very big and strong. that makes the Eiffel tower very noticeable

3.4. the form meets the function because the function was to represent Paris and it did because the form is very noticeable and lots of tourist explore it.

4. the structure supports various loads

4.1. dead load

4.1.1. the Eiffel Tower

4.2. live load

4.2.1. the people that go on the Eiffel Tower

4.3. dynamic load

4.3.1. the wind

4.3.2. lightning

4.3.3. thunder

4.3.4. snow

4.3.5. rain