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Digital Forensics by Mind Map: Digital Forensics
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Digital Forensics

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...

The Alpha 5 principles are: Assessment of the suspect area/workplace to have preliminary walkthrough and to crystalize the scope of examination. Acquisition of applicable evidences in a non-intrusive way to prevent tampering Authenticate the acquired evidences through Hash or digital sign or any other crypto checksum to verify the data integrity. Analysis of evidential data to connect them in a logical and intelligible manner in order to arrive at conclusion. Archiving of all evidential data and reports to ensure high and secure availability

the 4 guiding principles of any examination are: Safe handling of evidences to ensure they are intact. The originating evidence/suspect should not be tampered or worked upon. The suspect host OS should not be trusted, as it may have rootkits, malicious software installed likeanti-forensic. All the audit trails of examination should be retained and recorded in substantiating documents

Digital Incident Response - Deepak

Initial Assesment -Parties Involved, Location & Available resources

Type Of Incident

Parties Involved

Equipment Location

Available Response resources

Securing Digital Evidence

Chain of Custody

Potential Digital Evidence

Computer Forensic Incidents - Afzal

What is computer forensic- Gathering of digital evidence in a manner which should be untainted, authentic and can be admissible in the court of law

OS / Disk Storage Concepts - Hari

CHS Cylinders, Heads and Sectors; LBA-Logical Block addressing. A cluster is a minimum unit the OS uses to store info. (4096 byte cluster for only 1 byte).

DOS was the first operating system used on early IBM PCs - use of disks is an inherent part; FILE ALLOCATION TABLE File system is used. Last standalone version is MS DOS 6.22; MS DOS 7.0 runs underneath the first windows 95 ver while 7.1 or later underlie windows vers from Windows 95 OEM Service Rel or later. MS DOS 7.1 supports VFAT and FAT32 New Tech File system was brought in to avoid crippling windows NT and is not based on FAT. NTFS shares stage with UNIX and LINUX .Files contain any info - Code or Data and Prog files.Directories are special kind of files that contain list of file names. and can be nested.

New node

Digital Acquisition and analysis tools - Maddy

Goal - Protect & Preserve the evidence to ensure authenticity & integrity


Authentication Methods : Digital Fingerprints

RAVI- Forensic Examination Protocols>>>>>>>>>>>>>The protocol spells out necessary guidelines and methodolgies to ensure reliability, consistency, integrity/accuracy/precision of data in an investigation. This approach ascertains that evidential information acquired or analyzed as a course of examination are admissible in the court of law with reasonable assurance about its authenticity/origin.

Digital Evidence Protocol - Abhishek

Rules of Evidence

Different types of Data Files

Digital Evidence Presentation - Ateet

Ways of presenting Digital evidence to Higher Authorites.

Always consult with corporate Attoreny like ravi

Gather as much evidence that can be admissible digital evidence.

Copy of evidence should be kept intact for proceeding with the investigation.

Gathering of information should be dealt with extra precaution and chain of custody be maintained as opponent can always challenge the authenticity of evidence submitted to court.