Work responsibility map

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Work by Mind Map: Work

1. Compensation

1.1. Physician Compensation

1.1.1. Meetings to learn about comp

1.1.2. Comp Analysis based on actual pay

1.2. MBP Audit

1.2.1. Track down missing MBPs

1.3. 2020 Common Review Process in WD

1.3.1. Create timeline

1.3.2. Define Process

1.3.3. Check in with Manit about WD config

1.3.4. Communicate timeline and expectations

1.4. Compensation Education

1.4.1. Market Presidents Meetings to update them

1.4.2. Lane Leaders

1.5. Keep tracking all incentive plans

1.6. Grade Mapping

1.6.1. Directors and above Complete Mapping by end of August Review with David and Allison Set up on calendar Review with DMG Leaders Set up on calendar Review with executives and market leaders

1.6.2. Below Director Complete Mapping by end of September

1.7. August Grants

1.7.1. Cash Grant tracking Setup master list

1.7.2. Equity New Hires - Communicate expectations Alka and Shawn Slack Cash Grants Do not communicate to them about emails Annual Grant Issue

1.8. Pay Equity Analysis

1.8.1. Dependent on grade mapping

1.9. Market Initiatives

1.9.1. Washington MBP plan

1.9.2. CA Adjustments Review with UHG Comp

1.10. Retention and Touchdown payment management

1.11. Integration

1.11.1. Comp Timeline transition

1.11.2. Move to grade structure

1.11.3. Change from flat MBP to %

1.12. Rules for moving between OptumCare groups

2. Benefits

2.1. Integration

2.1.1. When someone transfers in do they come in as a new hire and do they have to wait for benefits or not

2.1.2. National teammate move - impact

2.2. 2021 Changes

2.2.1. Transition to UHG plans

2.3. Vitality

2.3.1. Change language on watch program

2.3.2. Continue with program

2.4. Open Enrollment

2.4.1. Resolve issues Update elections that got removed

2.4.2. Wrap up End of year communications Audits Lessons learned BBPs are weak link More communication with HCPs

2.5. UHG Involvement

2.5.1. 401k testing

2.5.2. ACA

2.5.3. Committees

2.6. NV Support

2.6.1. NQ Plan

2.7. Team

2.7.1. Retention

2.7.2. Transition

3. M&A

4. Team/How We Work

4.1. Feedback and PDRs

4.2. Benefits

4.2.1. Team Leveling

4.3. Comp

5. Intermountain

5.1. Comp

5.1.1. Job Analysis

5.1.2. 2020 Merit and Bonus planning Bonus accrual

5.1.3. Job Codes shared in WD

5.2. Benefits

5.2.1. Medical 2020 pricing and renewal TMs outside NV

5.2.2. Chargebacks

5.2.3. Dental Move them to their own Cigna plan

5.2.4. Deferred Comp plans Get them their own plan

5.2.5. 401k plans - manage

5.2.6. Open Enrollment - guides and communications

5.2.7. Transfers between Utah and NV