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Sketchbook1 (open-source projection) by Mind Map: Sketchbook1 (open-source projection)
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Sketchbook1 (open-source projection)

What participants created should be coloured into Green

what is authenticity? We always looking for authenticity in most of choices, but is it so?


What is first thing to think about approach?

Purpose?, Research/investigation - understanding, Methodology?, logical reasoning and critical analysis, Physical experiment (practice), Thought experiment (thinking), Imagining and creativity (productive process?), Thought experiment (thinking), Physical experiment (practice), so it seems you find most of methodologies useless, so what you try to do with creative environment and discussion thing was somehow developing the mind rather than showing it off, Establishing theoretical bases for this is urgent., or possibly establish this through the practice, articulate what exactly I;m in trying to, Analogy of realism representation of world and something artificial. A realistic representation cannot show anything new. It only shows what we know there. To show something, there must be something artificial, something uncanny must be happen. Another, supported by origin of work of art by Heidegger., However, that only can be done through multiples of thoughtless accidents or intuitive imagination followed by physical execution, Ultimate purpose of understanding? What is actuality of understanding?, ANTI- Why do we need to look at history? is it really for present generation?, Condition?, This understanding brings inevitable abstraction, Communication, I thought we have to leave them free because otherwise it is just another form of discourse and eliticism however, it's not all that you leave them free because the social structure is not leaving them free yet. more examination needed. This is why "undermining" work is valued., your statement, expression always involve violence to those who are against to your one., They argue participation provide clever tool and opportunity for artist to profit from their social previledge without conflict - compromising and neutralising difference especially when you find uncompromising., However, wasn't artist, if there is such thing called art's function, meant to go beyond the public? in a sense, it is inevitable that there's distinction and gap, also with education and democracy, from romanticist model, duchamp opened up the horizon of re-configuration of art's agencies, More examination in communication itself is needed., Condition?, Politics of aesthetics, "artistic sovereignty" which implies in addition to producing art, artist also needs to produce conditions of such production and channels of circulation, Practical function, DIY, ANTI- Other alternatives to research?, It seems what artists do when they approach is not "understanding"

ANTI- is purpose necessary?, Scepticism on idea of purpose, Approach without purpose, Methodology?, Autonomy of "do" from the idea of purpose

Context of approach

Principles, Seriousness and un-seriousness (humour)?, Practicality and un-practicality?, Spontaneity, Whatever you do, be spontaneous. You don't need any pressure on whatever you do.

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Consciousness and body (conscious perception of body)

Adding and degrading values / creation from nothing, something into nothing /

Planting and gather fruits and grains

Prostitute as holder of secret knowledge, Narrative, my experience of Arrest, my experience with prostitute

Film production, So many plans, so many people working in same project, actors,



Structure of the internet needs to be re-structured. what does it mean that I search for info? more info needs to be provided. more organisation and network

Current projects?

Improvisatory making

Start blogging!!

Set some specific goal or function of this, Kind of new network, Point of blogging is in 'you publish'

A priori

The moment

Choice to "do" - choice to make approach

Autonomy of "do" from consciousness : primitive "do"

The beginning

Choice, Is choice free?, Is it possible to hybridize or transcend choice?, What is importance?, Responsibility, When responsibility produced?, What is responsibility?, let others to have same opportunity as I had?, something that you agree when you joined the group, certain responsibility they give you, and by joining the group you accept and agree that. but the problem with social responsibility is that you never agreed. however, you certainly get benefit so it is inevitable you take responsibility., Authenticity

Logics; way of thinking, Rational mind, Is reason reliable?, What can be alternative?, Context, What is context? why is it always coming up?, Problems in understanding and experience, All these as process of reducing unlimited possible into one and close from alternative, Does question "why" has meaningful value?, it seems it always become excuses to close our mind rather than really being productive, Wood piece, Everything relates with idea of wood, also in a sense, questioning what is or what can be research, Insects & sacred and sublime, documentary film recording the close-shot of insects and the moment they die, also sacred musics maybe, Politics of aesthetic



How am I structured and constructed? What am I doing?, Contextual, Conversation with parents about birth of myself, urine piece, seems something is missing, Internal, Primary school engagement, What kind of question do they have?, Sketchbook1 (projection), Connect this with External mapping? using twitter?, Copyright issue?, Self as site, Setting self up, Doubling identity - appearance and performance, disguising in typical western girl, new language as de contextualised, Setting up Specific job/task/subjectivity for certain period, Letting self go, Removal of self (water than fish) and adapt each situation


As practitioner who makes work, not necessarily artwork, but certainly in relation to art anyway, I need to think about art, what is art?, is the reason why I think of this is because I want some sort of meaning, or reason, excuse, or some kind of persuation to other?, Why do I need to think of "what art is" why matter?, If there's no communication, or there's no one in the world except me, do I need answer to this question?, Some factors seems to decide what art is - individuals, society, art world, time, Is art truly subjective? in terms of person to person, time to time, culture to culture?, Is there any reason that one has to agree with idea of art proposed by art world or art history, current artworks in galleries?, or you even step behind from every disciplines and absorb capabilities of each disciplines and create your own without acknowledging any concept of art, science, whatever., ART unlike other disciplines, you don't get purpose method, etc, that's why you have to build your own and have to think about that., One might argue there's entire history behind art, you can't make your own?, so just like your life, you're thrown without reason, and you should regard this art not something separate but really as your life, because art is primitive practice, why?, art is kind of equipting myself with artistic and creative ability rather than being an artist, Is it linguistic error? is it art that is life or nothing to do with art but just something primitive really?, puts artists really into their process. Past: patronizing ->artist as kind of labourer, or executer. but romanticist model of artist oepned up autonomy of artist, however, they still laboruer for audience, art needs to be individual practice because audience as well, they just consume. even though there're some critical and creative consumer


How artist work and what they do, how they get motivated to work as artist, Glass-spit, photo? object?, go for photo, Size?, Angle and composition?, How to make note readable?, would you give additional info?, No, Archive of description of my practice?, Being sportsman and crafter or capitalist business?, Tutorial piece, Tutorial 2 and its relatiionship with 1?, Mimicking and injecting student into authoritative system thus challenging hierarchy, and more important, what happnes next? when actually I meet the participant?, it is literal conversation between artist and participant or another artist, that exchange between., there's value there. somehow needs to be shown., or documentation, Photograph of two of us making hand-shake?, or somehow document content we discussed? like on the paper, not every details but the concepts that were discussed, make clear what you wanted from this conversation, the conversation and discussion itself as work, however, does that actual work (discussion) needs to be shown?, No there's nothing looking at or listening to it, it is something you have to be perform., better to make them imagine then, how?, why?, Studio investigation, improvisatory, improvisatory in found situation?, making 1 everyday?, transforming life into art?, Day sublime, All that small stupid ideas are worth?, everyday exhibition?, Blueroom workshop, Top documentation needs to deleted, Texts - it was our show, Private View, within PV, the discussion have placed. introducing all ideas behind this, and also questionnaire, the source of it., After discussion, the questionnaire was gone, Delete download source, after the PV, it becomes kind of free

Position of artist in society, Position within economic structure, I wouldn't buy my work more than 27 pounds (black hole of info), Selling solution, Exchange your work with something you find worth. not money, What about you sell the idea itself before realised?, Immaterial types of work and material outcoems of work, immaterial into quantity then again to material (buying something with it), Black hole, Not mere black hole- destruction, however, what about transfer into non-art? de-value it, or turn it into completely absolute nothing, Transforming work into immaterial value??, Somehow make it as thin and as light as possible?, Any reason why the work should go external system?, Playing with damien hirst, but i was afraid because I saw the article that damien charged young boy., New position of artist, Criticism piece, Screening show adaptation model, Providing criticism as reading material, Intervention on level of audience's interpretation and dialogue with the film., What's the form and content of criticism then?, Perform as audience talking to audience, Publication for all events in college and criticisms?, talking about artist or artwork, Founding new discipline, Creative environment, Training people/putting them in specific culture to produce, Curatorial practice, First need a lot more conversation with artists, College model and call for submission of their avatar?, Studio desk, Saatchi funding, Visual research, Is it right to situate artist within society as sub-system?, Position as mediated through art institution: whitecube, Untitled (flashlight), Division between art world and society, replacement, Think what can be key - research, idea of Public?, What is function of art? What should it do?, Tate britain exhibition archive, MVRDV, Cube piece

Human context?

What does the fact that I'm looking at a lot more in human world than natural world means?

Is there really such thing as human dignity?

Global context

What all disciplines in trying?

Professionalisation gives us fragmented marginal view, Multiplug, Question is who., and how will you document the outcome?


Very strong Scepticism on any idea of cumulation or progress., disruption in history needed, Black hole of info, maybe create info, and destroy it again, Examples, When you set goals in your life, you achieve things through step by step, and does that archive of your achievement and your memory of your life brings "real" progression to your life at this very moment?

Aristotle's idea of "unmoved mover"


Position of spectacle and beauty?, It seems it works as persuation, like in adverts and national images - they use beauty to encourage people.

Culture produced from cigarrett box images - subculture

Pop, pop might be something really paving new way

culture is something that makes distinction. something that makes you judge the situation. or something. more examination needed.

Structure I'm in?

What does it ask of me?, To be productive, It asks to bring something interesting (no matter their philosophy, still there is), To be independent, self-directed, Somehow to work in art context

Structure I'm not in?


Current concerns?