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Igloo by Mind Map: Igloo

1. Form & Function

1.1. Form:Egg shell like roof made of snow and ice and a small doorway

1.2. Function: The igloos function is to shield the builder inside from snow storms and to help the builder inside keep warm from the freezing tempetures outside

2. External Forces

2.1. An external force the igloo would face would be weather for example the igloo would face many snow storms, heavy snow, and heavy winds. That is also an example of a dynamic load.

3. Classifying Structures

3.1. This igloo is a shell structure because it is hollow inside with no support inside.

4. Internal Forces

5. Internal Forces the igloo experiences is compression due to snow compressing together to get the objects shape.

6. Loads

7. Dynamic load is weather. Live load is people inside. Dead load is the igloo itself.

8. Live load is people inside it.

9. Dead Load is the weight of the igloo itself.

10. The center of gravity is low in the igloo because it has a low base and weight is spread equally around the igloo. If there is no center of gravity the igloo will collapse.

11. Live Load might also affect the structure like the amount of people inside the igloo.