Phylum Mollusca

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Phylum Mollusca by Mind Map: Phylum Mollusca

1. gastropoda

1.1. body- has a single large shell

1.2. how and what it eats- grazers and suspension fenders

1.3. movements- crawls and slither

1.4. picture

2. Bivalvia

2.1. body-

2.2. how and what it eats- suspension feeders

2.3. movement- doesn't move it is burrowed into the ground

2.4. picture

3. polyplacophora

3.1. Body- oval bodies

3.2. How and what it eats- eats algae and has rasp like mouth parts to eat

3.3. movement - has 8 articulating shell plates

3.4. picture

4. Cephalopoda

4.1. body- head is surrounded by a foot and divided by tenticles

4.2. how and what it eats- they have beaks that they use to rip and tear there pray

4.3. movement- creeping, and squirting jets of water

4.4. picture