Phylum Mullusca

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Phylum Mullusca by Mind Map: Phylum Mullusca

1. Polyplacophora

1.1. body- oval shaped, 2-8 cm in length, and shell consists of 8 articulating plates.

1.2. How and what it eats: It removes alge from rocks with its rasp like teeth.

1.3. Movement:

1.4. Picture:

2. Cephalopods

2.1. Body- Head is surrounded by a foot divided into tentacles. some have external coiled shell, others have no shell.

2.2. How and what it eats- some have horny beaks to tear or bite with, they eat other animals.

2.3. Movement- they move by creeping or swimming with specialized fins, or some squirt jets of water from interior cavities.

2.4. Picture-

3. bivalvia

3.1. Body- two halves of a shell

3.2. How and what it eats- it is a suspention feeder and it filter feeds.

3.3. Movement- they generally dont move much, they are clams oysters and mussels.

3.4. Picture-

4. gastopoda

4.1. Body- A single large shell that they can live and hide in.

4.2. How and what it eats- Grazers and suspension feeders. they eat small living things.

4.3. Movement- Shell is made of three layers, and they can walk around on there feet, or some slither like slugs, but also can swim.

4.4. Picture-