Phylum Mollusca

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Phylum Mollusca by Mind Map: Phylum Mollusca

1. Bivalva

1.1. Has two shells, hinged teeth, and triangular shaped feet.

1.2. brings in water for food and gas exchange

1.3. uses its feet for burrowing

1.4. Picture

2. Cephalopoda

2.1. Its head is surrounded by a foot divided into tentacles. Some have internal shell, some external shell and others have no shell. The have specialized pigment cells embedded in its skin which can allow it to change colors to blend in with its surroundings.

2.2. Most have horney beaks which they use to tear or bite with. They eat small fish crab and other squid.

2.3. Movement is by creeping and swimming with specialized fins and by squirting jets of water from an interior cavity.

2.4. Picture

3. Polyplacophora

3.1. Oval body about 2-8 cm long

3.2. Has a rasp- like mouth which they use to remove algae from rocks.

3.3. Has a shell and muscular feet to help it move.

3.4. picture

4. Gastropoda

4.1. has a shell secreted in 3 layers and is the largest of its class

4.2. eats vegetation and decomposing matter with its rasp like mouth called a radula

4.3. they move on their stomachs which is also their foot.

4.4. Picture