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Deadline #4 by Mind Map: Deadline #4
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Deadline #4

listen to weekly podcast

about the QM program, rubric and initiative at MCCCD

course build

Design your course activities for the first week? What will students do? Where? How? Provide drafts of the entire prompt, etc. Share (with everyone) a document of a complete description of first week activities (w/full prompts), comment on a couple!

new technologies

MindMapping (specially w/MindMeister) & Podcasting. MindMeister is one of the easiest to learn technologies I've shared with faculty over the past couple of years. As I writing instructor I've searched for easy mind mapping tools, and I've found tons. However, I'm THRILLED about usingMindMeister this semester because the learning curve is practically non-existent. And's basically audio blogs!

wiki entry

comment upon one and then add another entry about first week issues, introductions, activities etc. under the "Getting Started" wiki page.

find course content

Go to the MCCCD Queen of Podcasting's (Dr. Alisa Cooper, SMCC) bibliography on podcasting and scroll down to the "Finding Podcasts" section and try to find a few already produced podcast for your course.


add the course podcast. It's like the video I showed you for RSS. Just grab a flake with a podcast already in it, and replace with the URL for the course podcast. You can grab that from the "follow" link on the podcast player in the course blog.

blog entry

Reflect on learning from week and briefly discuss a podcast you found that you might use (link us out to the podcast so we can choose to listen to an entry or two). Consider trying to reflect in a mindmap instead of a regular blog entry. You can either try to embed the mindmap in your blog area (I'll make a video showing you how) or you can just link out to it.

schedule appointment w/Shelley to talk about course design (phone, Skype, IM, f2f,...)

I'll be hanging out and working at the following days/times/locations, feel free to just show up: Monday, 9am-12pm, Extreme Bean (Southern & McClintock, Tempe) Tuesday, 1:30-4:00pm, Coffee Rush (Dobson & Ray, Chandler) Wednesday, 12-3pm, Coffee Rush (Dobson & Ray, Chandler) Thursday, 9am-11am, Extreme Bean (Southern & McClintock, Tempe)