Its Shocking

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Its Shocking by Mind Map: Its Shocking


1.1. Current Electricity Is a kind of thing that powers the whole world with lights I pad and all electric things.There is also static electricity which is used with friction and forces

2. How does it work??

2.1. I Think that it is a kind of power that goes around the world Is wireless some times to

3. How is electricity used??

3.1. Used for lots of modern machines like I pads and thing that mainly work automaticly.

4. School Electricity

4.1. From the High voltage room then gos to the transoformer room then to this room where everything splits up to different classes

4.2. When the electricity reaches the Classes it keeps on going up till the top floor

5. Electricity Circuit

5.1. The electricity from the battery powers the wires and then the wires power the bulb

6. Electricity circuits

6.1. There are 2 different circuits.the series and paralel and I think parralel is the best because the bulbs are more lighter and if one bulb breaks the other will still work

7. How to change the bright ness of a bulb

7.1. It depends on How many batteries yuo use cause if you use 1 it is dim if yuo use 2 to 3 it will shine brighter

8. Conductors and insolators

8.1. A conductor makes electricity flow through and it is metal and a insulator stops electricity and is made by rubber and plastic

9. Static electricity

9.1. static electricity is not so dangerous but can hurt when you touch it.It stays And does not flow.It is caused by friction and is not used for soo many things