It's Shocking! Electricity

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It's Shocking! Electricity by Mind Map: It's Shocking! Electricity

1. You can use electricity fore power up thing

1.1. You can use electricity to get Wi-Fi

1.2. you can use it to get the fan working

1.3. you can use Electricity to power up a car.

2. How is electricity used?

2.1. You can use electricity for charging thing.

3. How does electricity work?

3.1. Find a power point and put the wire in it and and conect it to a Laptop. then it will charge.

3.2. Electricity can work by making a circuits

4. What is electricity.

4.1. Electricity is some wire's if you connect it togher it will make electricity.

5. How to change a brightness of a bulb.

5.1. You have to add more battery to make it brighter.

5.2. If you have 1 battery and 2 light bulb it is dimer.