A character map and description of one of the greatest TV comedies of all time.

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Seinfeld by Mind Map: Seinfeld

1. Jerry Seinfeld

1.1. Successful stand-up comedian

1.1.1. Co-Wrote/starred in a TV pilot for NBC called "Jerry"

1.2. A philanderer

1.2.1. Often breaks up with women for superficial reasons "Man Hands" Low talker High talker Bad laugher A nudist Too good

1.3. His parents live in Florida

1.4. The glue that unites the four main characters

1.5. Really enjoys cereal, sneakers, and Superman

1.6. Learn about Jerry:

2. George Costanza

2.1. In-and-out of jobs

2.1.1. Real estate

2.1.2. Sports Marketing Worked for the NY Yankees

2.1.3. Television writer

2.2. In-and-out of relationships

2.2.1. Was engaged to Susan Ross, who passed away sealing their poor-quality wedding invitations

2.3. Jerry's best friend since high school

2.4. A "Loser"

2.4.1. Lived at home with his parents for a while

2.4.2. Uncommonly unemployed

2.4.3. Short, fat, and bald

2.5. Often schemes to be someone who he is not

2.5.1. An architect

2.5.2. A marine biologist

2.6. Learn about George:

3. Cosmo Kramer

3.1. Remarkably unemployed, yet mysteriously manages to get by, taking on only random odd jobs

3.2. Makes many friends, and is well-loved in the neighborhood

3.3. Jerry's ever-intruding across-the-hall neighbor

3.4. Once referred to as a "Hipster Doofus"

3.4.1. Lives an alternative lifestyle

3.5. The eccentric one of the group

3.6. Tall, skinny, high hair, clumsy

3.7. Learn about Kramer:

4. Supporting Characters

4.1. Newman

4.1.1. Jerry and Kramer's neighbor

4.1.2. Kramer's friend

4.1.3. Jerry's nemesis

4.1.4. Mailman

4.2. Uncle Leo

4.2.1. Jerry's Uncle

4.3. Morty & Helen Seinfeld

4.3.1. Jerry's Parents

4.4. Frank & Estelle Costanza

4.4.1. George's Parents

4.5. Susan Ross

4.5.1. George's fiance

4.6. J. Peterman

4.6.1. Elaine's boss

4.7. George Steinbrenner

4.7.1. George's boss

4.8. Mr. Pitt

4.8.1. Elaine's boss

4.9. Puddy

4.9.1. Jerry's mechanic

4.9.2. Elaine's on-again, off-again boyfriend

4.10. Mickey

4.10.1. Kramer's midget friend

5. Elaine Benes

5.1. Works mostly in publishing

5.1.1. Pendant Publishing

5.1.2. J. Peterman catalogue

5.2. In-and-out of relationships

5.2.1. Caught up in an on-again, off-again relationship with David Puddy

5.3. Used to date Jerry

5.4. Wants more out of life but is often "stuck"

5.5. Has an easier time befriending men than women

5.6. Grew up in the Baltimore area

5.7. Learn about Elaine:

6. Setting

6.1. Current day of when filmed (1990s)

6.2. New York City

6.2.1. Mostly the Upper West Side

6.3. Most scenes take place either in Jerry's apartment or Monk's diner

7. About the show

7.1. Aired on NBC from 1989-1998

7.2. Created by Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David

7.3. Often referred to as the "show about nothing"

7.4. Won 10 Emmy Awards, including Best Comedy

7.5. Considered by critics as one of the best comedies of all-time