Marketing Your Business in 30 Minutes A Day

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Marketing Your Business in 30 Minutes A Day by Mind Map: Marketing Your Business in 30 Minutes A Day

1. Content Marketing

1.1. Create Content until you are ahead

1.2. Promote Content

1.3. Connect and Collaborate

1.4. 10-15 minutes daily

2. Introduction

2.1. Who are Meredith and Jasper?

2.2. Sound familiar?

2.2.1. Spending hours and hours on Social Media and getting no results

2.2.2. Daughter making jokes about computer welded to mama's hand

2.2.3. End up making $1 an hour for time spent on marketing

2.2.4. Spent over $10,000 on marketing products and advice last year

2.2.5. Did Ultimate Blog Challenge - on traffic and increased our site visitors by 1,000 and list by 20%

2.3. What we are covering today

2.3.1. Why people spend too much time on marketing

2.3.2. The "low-hanging fruit" - three small tweaks that will save you LOTS of time so you can make more money

2.3.3. Our system for getting the bases covered in 30 minutes a day

3. Why you are spending too much time on your marketing?

3.1. Don't Have "Customer Persona" Nailed Down

3.1.1. Marketing to EVERYONE means resonating with nobody

3.1.2. Message Overflow

3.1.3. Not Spending Time Wisely

3.1.4. Too Many Messages for Too Many Audiences

3.2. Don't have a system

3.2.1. Blank Page Syndrome

3.2.2. Reinventing the wheel

3.2.3. Chasing Shiny Content Marketing Objects

3.2.4. Can't delegate with no direction

3.3. Aren't using technology to automate

3.3.1. Customer Contact Tools E-mail Scheduling Posts

3.3.2. Recycling Content

3.4. Procrastination/Lack of Confidence

3.4.1. Fear that you are not doing enough = doing nothing

3.4.2. Spending lots of time on "mass marketing" to avoid following up with people individually

3.4.3. Fear that you/your message aren't good enough - so you spend time on Facebook

3.5. Playing Where You Work

3.5.1. Getting Distracted

3.5.2. Getting Interrupted

3.6. Lack of Experience (don't know what to do)

3.6.1. Guru Addiction

3.6.2. Lack of Patience

4. 3 Ways to Spend Less Time and Make More $$

4.1. Get Focused On Your Ideal Client

4.1.1. Go Where Your Clients Hang Out Specialized Networks Facebook Groups Forums

4.1.2. Listen to What Your Ideal Clients are Saying Social Mention - Twitter Hashtag Searches Google Alerts See who your competitors are following

4.1.3. Ask What the Biggest Problems Are

4.2. Use Technology To Automate As Much As You Can

4.2.1. Autoposting - or not?

4.2.2. Follow Up Autorepsonders for every step of the customer lifecycle

4.2.3. Tracking and Metrics Is your Opt-in Converting? Who is Actually Coming to Your Site?

4.3. Reuse and Recycle Your Content

4.3.1. Different Media

4.3.2. Re-writing for different audiences

4.3.3. Content Exchange - Guest Posting

5. Resources

5.1. Resource Page:

5.1.1. Customer Persona Worksheet

5.1.2. Social Media in 30 min a day checklist

5.1.3. Editorial Calendar

5.1.4. Link to this mindmap

5.1.5. How to Create a Customer Persona Video

5.2. Create a Money Making Opt in Gift Class

5.2.1. March 4 and 6

5.2.2. Preview Price - $47

5.2.3. Sign up here


5.3. Favorite Time Saving Tools

5.3.1. Editorial Calendar Plug In for WordPress

5.3.2. Social Mention

5.3.3. Tweet Old Post WordPress Plugin

5.3.4. Comment Luv

5.3.5. Google Analytics Dashboard Plug In

5.4. Networks

5.4.1. Solo-E -

5.4.2. Women's Toolbox:

5.4.3. Savor The Success:

6. A 30 minute per day marketing system

6.1. IMPORTANT: It may take you more than 30 minutes a day to get this up and running!

6.2. Social Media

6.2.1. 15 minutes a day

6.2.2. Listen to what others are saying

6.2.3. Reply and Connect

6.3. E-mail Marketing

6.3.1. 10 minutes weekly

6.3.2. Create new messages for autoresponders

6.3.3. Check metrics - make adjustments

6.4. Ads

6.4.1. 5-10 minutes a week

6.4.2. Check conversion rates - make tweaks

6.5. Website

6.5.1. Review metrics

6.5.2. Tweak